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I blame James for this, but I was super nervous about going to New Orleans. Sprits and voodoo and haunted locations are very much real and I very much want no parts of any of that. . Nevertheless there is plenty to do in the big easy that is not haunted. New Orleans really is not scary. And I knew NOLA was magical but I had no idea just how beautiful it actually was until I went last week. But if you are a scaredy cat like I am, here is your guide on what to do in New Orleans sans spookiness.

Also just as a reminder if you haven’t seen my other posts from this trip, my trip to NOLA was completely paid for by me. Not sponsored. Just spreading the magic with ya’ll.

Walking Tours

There are a TON of walking tours available throughout various parts of the city. We stayed right in the French Quarter and while we didn’t do any walking tours ourselves, we saw them happening all day. When researching walking tours you want to make sure you are reading in full what kind of tour you’re signing up for. There are ghost tours, cemetery tours and haunted tours. So just make sure you are reading in length.

Swamp Tours

So I guess this is subjective on whether or not it’s scary LOL. But I mean, it’s New Orleans. I really really wanted to do a swamp tour but it was cold when we visited and also… bugs LOL. But if you want to get up close to the gators then check out the various swamp tours the city has to offer. They seem like a lot of fun. I may try to convince my cousins on our upcoming girls trip.

Bar hop on Bourbon Street

Bourbon street is the heart of NOLA’s liveliness. No matter what time of the day people were partying and just enjoying themselves. Bourbon is probably not the best street for families as there are A LOT of bars and I saw a lot of places that didn’t even allow guests under 21. But if music and partying and fun is your thing then Bourbon is where you want to hang out.

Bourbon Street image via Tanay Michele

Check out the live Jazz on Frenchmen Street

We didn’t make our way over to Frenchmen street this trip because again, it was cold and rainy. But everyone let us know if you wanted to check out the Jazz culture then Frenchmen Street is where you should head. Full of live Jazz music and more family friendly than Bourbon, Frenchmen street is definitely on our list of places to check out on our next trip.

Eat all the things

This is why I went to NOLA. I love food. And I could not wait to try all the cajun and crawfish and beignets and creole. I had the most fun eating my way through the city. The food in New Orleans definitely did not disappoint. Be on the lookout for my foodie reviews. I will make sure to come back and link it in this post.

Cafe Beignet image via Tanay Michele

See? New Orleans is not scary, you just have to stay in your lane. There is so much beauty and culture and excitment constantly flowing in the air. The food is good, the music is good and the people are fun. This post only touches the surface of all there is to do in this city but I hope it’s a good starting point.

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