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If you aren’t constantly searching for clothing with your kids favorite characters on it, are you even a mom? It’s summer and so that means it’s swim trunk season. While I so desperately desire to be the family that shows up to our summer vacations matching, my kids have no interest. Minecraft and Super Mario appeal to them way more. So as mama it’s my job to scour the internet for video game inspired swim trunks. And as giver of all the information, it is my job to share all my finds with you in one place so you don’t have to search like I did. Check out this list of video game inspired swim trunks for the little gamers in your life.

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For Minecraft Lovers

Boy’s Minecraft Swim Trunks @ Target – $14.99

Minecraft Swim Trunks Creepers All Over Shorts for Boys @ Amazon – $22.39

Minecraft Creeper Boys Swim Trunks and Rash Guard Set @ Amazon – $35.99

Dreamwave Boys’ Authentic Character Swim Trunk @ Amazon – $22.99

If You Gotta Catch Em All – Pokemon!

Pokemon Pikachu Swim Trunks @ Kohls – $16.80

Pokemon Boys’ Pikachu Swim Shorts @ Amazon – $16.95

Boys’ Authentic Character 2 Piece Rash Guard and Swim Trunk Set @ Amazon – $34.99

Pokemon Pikachu Swim Trunks @ Target – $14.99

For the Nintendo Gamers

Mario Super Brothers Swim Trunks @ Amazon – $14.99

Super Mario Swim Trunks @ Target – $14.99

SUPER MARIO Nintendo Odyssey @ Amazon – $18.99

Mario Bros. Mario & Luigi Swim Board Shorts @ Kohl’s – $16.80

Believe it or not, despite their popularity it took me a little while to find these. I wasn’t able to find any inspired by Roblox despite that being the game that sparked my ilttles love for gaming. Either way, whether headed to the beach, pool or your favorite indoor waterpark, these swim suits are fun and reasonably priced.

They’ll either inspire a little more swim time, or have your gamer ready to head back inside to their system. Let me know how it works out for you!

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