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And I am loving it! I saw one of my friends share some of her #TargetFinds on IG the other day and I fell in love with a sweater she shared for one of her boys that she picked up for Black History month. And then because who can resist going down the Target rabbit hole, I ended up on their site. And I realized that their Black History Month selection highlights so much more than clothes! Though I do love that they have a ton of great clothing pieces, I love that they are making an effort to highlight the black owned businesses with other products that they carry throughout their stores. Here are some of the new brands that I discovered are highlighted in Target’s Black History Month selection.

Celebrate Black History Month with Target

The Honey Pot – Plant Based Feminine Care. Made by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas.

The Lip Bar – Vegan and Cruelty free makeup.

The Doux – Real hair results without the hype.

Soapsox – The next generation of wash cloths for kids.

Of course they also feature the Shea Moistures, and Alikay Naturals and Carol’s Daughter products that we have come to know and love. But I was happy to find some new black owned products to support. They also have clothes a plenty and feature many of the books I shared with you in my recent post about Black History month books for kids. Target gets all my coins either way, but I’m happy to help a black owned business out. Black History month at Target is looking good!

Have you shopped the Target Black History Month section? What has been your favorite 2020 #TargetFind?

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