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The Best Pumpkin Patches In And Around NYC

It’s no secret that fall is the absolute best season, don’t debate me. The weather is often perfect, and it is the beginning of holiday fun. When I was a kid we went pumpkin and apple picking in school. We did hay rides and corn mazes and I looked forward to the start of the holiday season. Do they even do that in school anymore? I only have a kindergartener so I could just be unaware but I haven’t heard any pumpkin or apple talk from any of the children that I know that are older. The child in me still loves these activities and I take the boys to the pumpkin patch EVERY year. It’s a tradition I’m not willing to let go of. So of course I scouted out my favorite pumpkin patches near NYC, and I can’t keep the goods to myself.

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The First Ever Camp Romper Festival is Coming to Brooklyn, NY!

If you have been on the internet at all recently you have probably seen that Romper, the leading destination for millennial moms is hosting their first ever Camp Romper festival. More exciting? They are coming straight for us NY mamas! When the email about Camp Romper slid into my inbox I was MORE THAN excited because I am always looking for things for us to do especially now in the fall before it gets TOO cold. Camp Romper is rolling around right at the perfect time, between back to school and the beginning of Fall to give moms and their kids an opportunity for a day full of fun-filled memories.

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Totally Tots at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Children’s museums are one of our favorite indoor places to go. My kids, like all children are curious but I don’t think they’re ready for bigger museums just yet. We go to smaller, more interactive museums because they get a chance to see, touch and explore things more rather than a traditional museum where most exhibits are hands off. Living in Brooklyn, or favorite museum is close by. I took Zayn to the Brooklyn’s Children Museum a few weeks ago for the first time. We haven’t been able to go as frequently as I’d like to because of work and other scheduling so this was his first time at the museum and we only went to the toddler section. However he had a BLAST. I’m not sure if he even noticed that there was WAY MORE museum that he missed. Continue Reading →

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The 2019 Spring Break Checklist For New York Families

With Spring Break just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan a getaway with your family. While many families travel to warmer spots like Florida or come to see NYC for the first time, there are plenty of New York gems to check out that aren’t in the heart of the hustle and bustle or a warm sandy beach.

Check out some of the top picks of family-friendly places to visit in New York during Spring Break this year. Continue Reading →

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People Are Always Shocked When I Tell Them This One Thing My Kids Haven’t Done

We have been blessed with the ability to live in one of the busiest cities in the U.S.. For the most part, I love living in NYC. There truly is always something to do if you’re looking. We really take the name of the city that never sleeps to heart. That being said, I probably haven’t done like 85% of the things that one would expect when you live in a city this big. I’ve never been to a broadway show, I can’t remember if I’ve been to the statue of liberty, & I’ve only been in Times Square after midnight because I used to work in one of the stores there. I feel like I was a pretty sheltered child. I didn’t REALLY start to experience the magic of the city until I was old enough to venture there alone. I’m pretty sure thats common growing up here.

I was taking the subway alone by the time I was 12, maybe younger. My brother and I would take the train and the bus, from our house to my grandmas house on the weekends. Back then I don’t think it was that abnormal to see young children on the train alone. At 12 I was probably the size of a 9/10 year old, but I still remember taking that trip when the time came. It was no big deal. It’s never felt like a big deal especially living here, until I had children of my own. Continue Reading →

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8 Fun Ways to Spend A Rainy Day with Kids in NYC

Spring is finally almost here and I am ready for the warmer weather. Spring isn’t exactly my favorite season, but it’s a tie between second and third because its always freaking raining. As a mama of two under 5 (whew!) I am constantly looking for rainy day activities to keep those two little boys entertained. I’ve come up with a couple of different ways we like to spend our rainy days in the city.


I still think the boys are kind of young for “big” museums, and at 4 and 1 they have absolutely no indoor voices. We tend to stick to children museums (Brooklyn is our favorite) or pop ups that are kid friendly. The boys loved the Museum of Pizza and i had an amazing time at Mickey the True Original. Places that are kid friendly and interactive are always at the top of our lists.

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