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10 Things I’m Tired of Hearing as a Mom of Boys

The things we hear as boy moms never cease to amaze me. I used to think that the internet was the land of unsolicited comments. And while it is, have you ever been walking down the street with your two children of the same sex and got these sad looks from strangers? Almost as if you guys are walking around with some type of plague that only appears in the eyes of those who don’t even freakin’ know you. I am slowly but surely coming to terms with the fact that people just love to talk.

I love being a mom. But for some reason people, strangers or not love to act like you were cursed by the gods when you have children that are all the same sex. Yes I am a mom to two little boys. No I am not suffering because of it. And if you could keep your lame, unwanted comments to yourself, our days will both be a little bit brighter. But the things boy moms hear? Oh good grief. Here are 10 things this mom of boys would love for you to keep to yourself.

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I’m Sick of ‘Parent Twitter’

And I know I’ll probably be banished to some lonely corner of the Twitterverse where I’ll be slowly rocking back and forth and holding myself alone but, I could care less at this point. I meant it last night when it first came to mind and I mean it now as I’m typing this post. I hate parent twitter. Not to be confused with just parents on twitter. I’m talking about the very specific group of tweeters, you know who they are. 

And there are are so many different corners of the Twitterwebs so I’m sure I’ll find another group to partake in (#BlackTwitter never fails me), but I felt like the mom life corner was supposed to be my thing. Nah, it ain’t. If you search any type of parenting hashtag on twitter you’ll be sure to find all of these witty tweets. Parents tweeting about their numbered children and the snarky or clever thing they’ve said that millisecond, all in the name of RTs and favorites. Can we be honest? You nor your kid are that funny ALL day. Someone else definitely has copied a meme I’ve seen on Facebook and used it as their own tweet, only to get 749201 comments about how funny or clever they are like plagiarism isn’t taught in elementary school anymore. WHY ARE YALL LIKE THIS?!

Last night while I showered and washed my hair my 1 year old stood outside the door screeching at the top of his lungs the entirety of said shower. My emotions teetered between guilt and annoyanc and I thought about reaching out to the parent posse to see who could relate. Instead I changed my mind because, it wasn’t funny, or sarcastic or witty and I felt pretty confident that though I knew someone would be able to relate… my tweet would just sink into the abyss of things forgotten. No one interacts for realness!! Where are the parents that are living REAL life and want to interact?! Those are the people I’m looking for. 

Meanwhile you can miss me with the clever anecdotes about 4 pretending to sip your peppermint mocha this morning. I haven’t even had the chance to brush my teeth yet. But y’all are gonna get ALL this venting. 

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Embracing the Change! Life So Far As a Mom of Two

I’m back! Zayn made his (very fast) appearance on June 20th and I’ve just been spending time adjusting to being a mom to two and getting back into the swing of things at home. It hasn’t been as hard as I initially thought it was going to be because SOOOOOO many articles make you dread going from one child to two, but it’s definitely been an adjustment and we’re all learning together.  

RJ LOVES being a big brother. He hasn’t asked us to take the baby back or shown an extreme signs of jealousy or resentment which honestly I was a little worried about. My big boy is definitely a mamas boy and initially I was really worried about how he’d feel about sharing his parents with another person 24/7. He always wants to hold his brother and if Zayn makes the tiniest peep he’s there at his side before any of us. He doesn’t hesitate to show people his baby and remind everyone “you see my brother?”. I think we did a gairly good job prepping him to become a big brother before Zayn arrived. 

Speaking of making a peep, as a breastfeeding mama I highly believe in the paci! Zayn isn’t as bad as RJ was (yet!) but these kids would literally stay attached to me all day if it wasn’t for pacifiers and the Wubbanub is 1000% my favorite (check out my rave about it here from when RJ was a baby)! RJ chose this design for his brother because lions are his favorite animal but the Wubbanub comes in a variety of fun designs, all made with a single mold, medical grade silicone pacifier. They’re sold at a variety of places but I recommend checking out to find your local retailer (most likely Babies R Us or Target) and find out anything else you may need to know about the product. 

I’ve learned so much about myself in such a short time frame and I honestly look at both my boys almost everyday in shock and awe that I get to be their mommy! I’m so grateful for grace (from my boys, my love, and myself), patience, and the love I’ve gotten from them and their daddy and I can’t wait for us to continue to grow together as a family. This journey through motherhood is exhausting! There’s a lot of sleepless nights, more diapers than I can count and I’ve been cleaning a lot of booboos so far this summer (boys are rough!) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I love being their mommy and I’ve embraced the transition from one amazing little boy to two!  

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How was it transitioning with another baby in your family? Have you tried and/or gifted the Wubbanub? 


 *Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored but I did receive the Wubbanub for free in exchange for my honest review. I would never recommend a product I didn’t love and/or think you guys would love. If you missed it, check out my review for the Wubbanub and my first child here. Waaaaay before I received anything for free! ;-)*