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15 Positive Affirmations for Preschool/Kindgergarten

I think when most people think of affirmations they think of adults. I usually start my day off with positive affirmations for myself, I share affirmations online in my communities and I check out some on social media. I got into the habit of affirming myself daily when a friend started sharing them daily on Facebook.  When RJ started preschool our schedule became very different. Mornings were now a rush most days but I never wanted him to start his day with overwhelm. I began having him repeat affirmations on our walks to school and he still says them to himself now. Positive affirmations for children don’t have to be complicated. You start off with things that are simple enough for them to understand, and then you they can develop them over time. Here are 15 positive affirmations for children that are easy to understand.

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RJs Christening

We christened RJ at church earlier this month and it was super important to me. I prayed so much during my pregnancy, probably the most I’ve ever prayed and I knew once my son was born he was going to be christened in our church. RJ has ALOT of Godparents, he is amazingly blessed. It also happened to be Family and Friends day at our church AND our 5 year anniversary so we had an amazing day and alot of our family and friends came to celebrate with us.

Sorry if the picture quality sucks. These are cell phone pics! =(

Do you have any religious or family traditions? Share in the comments!