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How To Handle Your Child’s Anxiety at Disney World

The most magical place on earth does not come without stress. We just came back from a trip to Disney in October and I slowly realized that we had to go about navigating our trips a little differently. While neither of my boys have been diagnosed with anxiety by a doctor, they do have anxious tendencies. Going into that situation completely unprepared can make for a stressful situation for both parent and child. If you are planning a trip to the parks, here is some useful information on how to handle anxiety at Disney World.

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5 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Celebrating a Birthday at The Kartrite Resort

You probably already know this but my family LOVES the waterpark. My children think they can swim (should probably enroll them in some lessons) and they take any opportunity they can to get in the waterpark. When it comes to birthdays, we haven’t done a party since RJ turned 2. We love to travel and my kids love new experiences. They honestly are happy just being in a hotel but we try to give them experiences that will create tons of memories. So when the Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark opened up earlier this year, we knew we had to get there. And let me tell you, birthdays are an absolutely amazing time to do it! Here is why you should consider spending your birthday at The Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark.

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The Survival Guide to Holiday Travel with Kids

The holidays are a big travel time for us coming from a big family. We spend a lot of time on the road, and if we’re lucky this year we’ll spend just as much time in the air. My children are young and I know for a lot of people traveling with kids especially when they are young can feel overwhelming. This is why I developed a guide to make your holiday travel with kids a little less stressful. After all, we know that children are really the rulers of the road. Here is some advice for holiday travel with kids.

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EVERYTHING You Need to Know About LEGOLAND New York Resort

My kids absolutely love LEGOLAND. We visited LEGOLAND Florida last year for the first time as part of Zayn’s birthday trip. Initially when we got home, that was all RJ talked about. Everyone was all “RJ YOU WENT TO DISNEY WORLD?” and he was completely “YEA BUT I WENT TO LEGOLAND!!!!!”. So imagine how completely excited I was when I saw that New York is getting their very own LEGOLAND New York Resort. I haven’t told RJ yet because I don’t want him to KEEP ASKING me when it’s going to open but I already know what we’re doing for spring break 2020 (hopefully).

In case you’re like me and you need to know ALL THE THINGS, I took the time to gather all the information available so that you can plan your trip to the park ASAP. I’m about to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about LEGOLAND New York Resort before it opens in spring 2020. Continue Reading →

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Here’s How Sesame Place is Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Sesame Street

Sunny days! Can you believe Sesame Street is 50 years old this year? I’m amazed (though not surprised) of the longevity of this program. I remember being in love with Sesame Street when I was a kid. When I had RJ Sesame Street used to come on every day at 10:30am, and it was a part of his nap time routine. Now, Zayn enjoys Sesame Street too, mainly via YouTube Kids. It’s so amazing how the show has been able to evolve over time,yet still remain the same show that I loved in the early 90s.

This spring, Sesame Place is looking to kick off their most exciting year yet!

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