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55 Elementary Level Books Perfect for Black History Month

February is Black History month and since my little is beginning to read, I spent some time scouring the web for books that he would be able to read on his level. Finding books that test his comprehension while giving words he recognizes is super important to me. While I generally strive to have books in our library with characters that look like him, I haven’t been the best with sharing historical books with him. In February we are striving to read something that highlights and celebrates black culture everyday/night and I compiled this great list elementary level black history books so you don’t have to spend a million years searching like I did. I did my best to ensure the reading level increases by grade the further you scroll down the list.

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Is Stitch Fix for Black Girls?

If you’re side-eyeing my post from the title then, this ain’t for you booboo. Feel free to visit one of my other amazing posts (I have some pretty good things up about Aladdin & apologizing to my children). This posts is for the people who are wondering the exact thing about my title. Is Stitch Fix for black girls? Do they have pieces I’m going to like? Are they going to fit my body type? Do they have prices that are affordable?I’m here to answer ALL the things for you, sis!

I am a mom to 2 young and ENERGETIC little boys. So mall trips are few and far between. And even before I had kids I’m going to just put it out there and admit it, I love clothes but I haters  shopping. The messiness of the mall triggers my anxiety. I have always been an online shopper/returner. It’s definitely how I’m most comfortable buying my clothes.

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