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One of the biggest issues that parents tend to have when taking their child on a road trip is trying to keep them occupied during the travels. Depending on how many hours you’re driving, this can be easier said than done. But when it comes down to it there are a lot of great resources out there that you can easily bring along.

Before you give in and hand over a screen or your phone to your preschooler, why not try some of these simple must-haves road trip activities for preschoolers instead?

Road Trip Must-Haves for Preschoolers

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow!

These simple preschool activities are great for traveling in the car. Now your child can paint with water in the backseat of the car and not worry about making any type of messes. 

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Mom, I’m Bored Children’s Activity Book

Are you not wanting to hear the words “I’m bored” on your next road trip? If so, get your preschooler this fun activity pack. It’s full of coloring pages and fun ideas that are certain to keep them busy and active in the back seat of the car. 

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Fisher-Price DoodlePro

DoodlePro’s are the best! Your preschooler can literally draw a picture and then pull the handle to erase it and start all over again. Plus, the “pen” is attached so there is no way that they can drop and lose it as you’re driving down the road. 

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Make-a-Face Reusable Sticker Pad

What child doesn’t love to make funny faces? These reusable stickers are ones that they can use to make faces over and over again! 

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Magnetic Puzzles

The magnets on these puzzle pieces keep the pieces all together and you don’t have to worry about them falling apart. Your child will be able to work on their fine motor skills and logical thinking skills easily on your next road trip travels. 

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Lacing Toy for Toddlers

Having your toddler or preschooler work on their lacing skills is great for hand-eye coordination! Plus, it’s a mess-free way that they can have a fun activity that they can do over and over again. 

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Travel Journal for Kids

Let your child write down or draw pictures all about your journey. They’ll love being able to showcase the trip from their eyes and it’s such a fun keepsake for later on in life! Even if your preschooler can’t read, let them draw and create a fun visual journal instead. Think of it as their very first graphic novel or book! 

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What’s Different Activity Book

Does your child love to find the differences in pictures? If so, they’re going to love this activity book! Page after page of pictures to figure out how they differ. You might want to get a couple of these fun activity books because they’re addictive and hard to stop! 

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Scratch Art Activity Pad

Once your preschooler sees this activity pad, they might feel confused. All the pages are black and they don’t look like much. But once they make the tiniest scratch on the page, they’ll notice that underneath all that blackness are beautiful colors just waiting to shine through! 

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See how simple it can be to have a fun road trip with preschoolers in the car? All you need are some simple activities, fun games, magnetic items, and a positive spirit and you and your children can have a great time on your next road trip! 

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