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We skipped school (don’t judge me it was a half day) this past Friday, loaded up in the car and headed to American Dream. As a family that loves theme parks, I was excited to check out Nickelodeon Universe now that one was so close to us. The boys aren’t really big fans of rides but they love meeting characters. And as long as they know what they’re getting into I can sometimes convince them to try out new attractions. This was all of our first time at Nickelodeon Universe so we didn’t really know what to expect but we ended up having a great time. I wanted to share a few tips to make the most of your trip in case you’re heading to Nickelodeon Universe for the first time.

**Nonsponsored disclaimer! My family and I spent our own money at Nickelodeon Universe and were not hosted for our trip. I am not being compensated in any way to bring you this review. I just love you =)**

How much does it cost to get into Nickelodeon Universe?

  • All Access Admission: $69 – An All Access ticket is recommended for individuals over 48” who are seeking the most thrilling experiences.
  • General Admission: $59 –  A General Access ticket is recommended for individuals under 48” and those who choose not to ride our most thrilling rides.
  • Free Access: Children 2 years of age and younger are admitted to the park for free.

**Scroll to the bottom of this post to see how you can save money on admission to Nickelodeon Universe

Park Hours

Of course holiday hours may vary, but generally here are the hours:

You can always view the hours directly on their website before your trip to confirm the schedule.

Is it worth the trip for younger children/under 48″?

Nickelodeon Universe does have something for everyone. The boys loved the character meets, the spent hours in Adventure Bay and I even got them to try some of the rides that had a shorter height requirement. If your child has anxiety about theme parks or doesn’t enjoy rides I would skip it. The price tag is a bit high to just spend the day in Adventure Bay (no matter how fun it is). Kids 2 and under are free so they can enjoy the toddler section and the smaller rides regardless.

Do the thrill rides live up to the hype?

I just want to say…. check out my Instagram highlight. For an indoor park inside of a mall, I was surprised how much thrill Nickelodeon Universe really brought. We even took on the U.S’s steepest coaster (according to the employee). You will not be short of thrills and some rides you’ll want to ride multiple times. They are good!

What other things can I expect to experience?

On the website for the park they mention interactive trivia throughout the park, a Slime Time show with the opportunity to be slimed on stage and various character meet and greets. I will be the first to say being there with small children I didn’t notice if trivia was happening or not. It’s very possible that it was and we just didn’t notice. Also, we left before the Slime Time show which was at 5:15 having gotten there super early. The kids were ready to go and so were we. I will say that they LOVED meeting all the characters in the park. Since we were there on a weekday there were no long lines to take pictures. Every character they encountered was super friendly and great with kids. The meet and greets may have been there favorite parts.

How can I save money and time at Nickelodeon Universe?

I’m not gonna lie, this place is expensive! And I wish I knew more ways to save money but I did figure out how to save a COUPLE dollars on your trip. And some tips for optimizing your time.

  • Visit during twilight hours. 2 hours before closing the price of admission drops to $45.
  • Present a valid ID. Military and Senior citizens receive $10 an all day admission ticket.
  • Eat outside of the park. Food inside is EXPENSIVE and can easily rack up a bill. I carried a small backpack that had juice and snacks for the kids and no one questioned me. Also, once American Dream is fully opened I am sure you can utilize the food court and then re-enter the park to continue your play.
  • If you cannot visit during twilight hours, consider a weekday trip. I know not everyone can take off from work/school but a weekday trip is WORTH IT. I have seen reviews online about hour plus long queues for rides. Being there on a Friday morning/early afternoon we experienced none of that. It was quiet and pleasant. I feel like we got to take advantage of everything they had to offer at the time.

So to sum up this review, go during the day (or twilight hours), eat outside of the park and small children to adults will love it. I think they did an amazing job with bringing everyone’s childhood to life. From Blues Clues to The Fairly Odd Parents, The Ninja Turtles to Shimmer and Shine, there is something everyone will connect with. If your family loves theme parks then Nickelodeon Universe is a great place to connect and all around have fun.

Have you visited either Nickelodeon Universe theme park?

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