How to Help Your Extrovert Child Deal with Social Distancing

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If you’ve been around for a while then you know my big kid is an extrovert. Despite his mama needing all the time to recharge, he thrives off of social contact. Coupled with being a blogger’s kid and being used to attending multiple events a week, he is having a hard time with social distancing. It has been a little hard for him to understand why there is no school, but he can’t do things he is used to doing. Here are some ideas to help your extrovert child deal with social distancing.

Schedule Virtual Playdates

It is a blessing to live in the age of technology. We live in a time where kids can hop on FaceTime, Skype or any other video chat platform and chat with friends and loved ones. Virtual playdates are a great way for kids to meet up and hang out while still following all the social distancing rules. And good news for mom? Everyone has to feed themselves and no extra mess to clean up!

Online Interactive Games

This may be the time to loosen the screen time reigns a little. Suupervised online play can give you child the opportunity to “play” with other kids. Roblox is my 5 year olds favorite and while supervised I feel like he is stretching his imagination skills and getting fun play in.

Head Outside

While still having to comply with social distancing, there isn’t a lockdown in place. Getting outside and getting some air important for everyone! Ride bikes, take a walk, play with bubbles and chalk. Just make sure you are getting some sun. You still have to explain that play will not be the same, but you little will probably be happy to be outside nonetheless.

Move Your Body

My friend Fallon over at CasadeFallon regularly shares videos via her IG stories of her doing KidzBop Dance Along videos with her two little ones. Extroverted kids are usually also high energy and need a way to release some of that energy while at home. Beachbody has also unlocked some of their children’s programs to help get your little ones moving!


This is the time to get creative with your little ones. Unplug and spend time together as family. They are going to need you more than ever as they aren’t getting the in person interaction that they are not usually getting. Play games, watch movies together, paint or draw. It does not have to be a whole Pinterest project, it’s the quality time that counts!

What are some ways you are helping your extrovert child deal with social distancing? Have the had a hard time understanding?

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