What You Need to Know – Flying During Covid

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Okay so I just want to preface my entire post by saying, I am in no way a medical expert or advising anyone to travel. If you are in ANY public place, you put yourself at risk to exposure to illness. Covid-19 is still prevalent in many countries, the United States being one of them. But I recognize that many people have no choice but to travel for work or other reasons. And some people are choosing to travel for pleasure. That is all your business. But if you are going to be flying during covid it is important that you are equipped with the information that you need to have a safe, fun and successful trip. Traveling can already be a stressor for some (and if you’re flying with kids, girl forget it). Flying during covid while there are so many new regulations and changes constantly, a headache! Here are some things you should check out and remember before you plan, and head to the airport for your next flight.

Allow Yourself More Time to Get Through TSA

If you do not have TSA PreCheck, all of TSA’s regular screening. rules still apply. You will still have to remove your belongings (shoes, belts etc) for screening. TSA is also working to implement and mantain the CDC’s guidelines for safety and social distancing at their checkpoints. This may mean fewer open lanes, markers for social distancing, and other delays that may be unavoidable.

Know Your Airlines Mask/Seat Policy

As of July 18th 2020, all airlines with the exception of Allegiant Airlines and Sun Country Airlines requires both passengers and crew members to wear a face covering inflight. While masks are an executive order, many airlines are strongly enforcing these policies and some are banning passengers who are non-complaint. Simply put, if you are uncomfortable with wearing a mask for the duration of your flight then you should probably not be flying. This is a time. to practice good flying etiquette.

Also, most airlines cut down their flights schedule so while less people are traveling daily, there are also less flights to a single destination daily. It is important to know your airlines policies on seat blocking and flight capacity so that you can make a guess as to what to expect as far as the number of other passengers.

Will You Have to Quarantine?

Many states within the United States have travel restrictions for travelers. The New York Times recently published this article sharing the travel restrictions within each state you are traveing to/from. You can also check the US Department of State website for updated information on domestic and international travel.

All in all, if you feel comfortable traveling there are ways to travel safely. (Check out Roni the Travel Guru’s article on How To Stay Safe While Traveling During A Pandemic). Be mindful of regulations, take your fellow passengers into consideration and think of the workers that also want to get home to their families.

Don’t Forget The Basics!

Please remember to wash your hands, use. sanitizer when you can and wipe down high touch point surfaces. The information changes constantly and you can do your part to keep yourself safe by remembering the basics. And don’t forget SIX FEET!

So what do you say? Do you have any trips planned in the near future? How are you feeling about flying during Covid?


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