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Literally the Sunday before my birthday I decided to cancel all my previously made plans and head to New Orleans. I know NOLA is a magical city but having never been there I didn’t know much about it besides Voodoo, Crawfish, Mardi Gras and the French Quarter. When searching for hotels I knew I wanted to be close to the “action” and I wanted to feel safe. But i also wanted to pay a price I could afford (last minute ya’ll). The Chateau LeMoyne is truly a hidden gem in the French Quarter. Before for your trip to New Orleans I have some things to go over.

Now some of ya’ll are of the “I will never stay in a Holiday Inn Express” attitude and that is absolutely perfect. This post is not for ya’ll and you are more than welcome to check out a different post in my travel section (or anywhere). But for those of you that parents taught them not to judge a book by it’s cover, prepare to love this. Also full disclosure: I PAID FOR THIS. There were no “influencer perks” or preferences provided to me to write this review. I didn’t even disclose having a blog at any point of my trip. Thus all opinions are 100% from the experience I had with my own money. Lastly, being a birthday vacation and me not WANTING to work I don’t have many personal images.

Conveniently located to Bourbon Street

Like… around the corner convenient. And though I mention Bourbon it really is conveniently located to everything. When I was planning the trip I knew renting a car was not in my desires. I wanted something that was close but not TOO close to the action. I knew I wanted to experience NOLA’s nightlife but I enjoyed the convenience of being able to go around the block. In just a few short steps were were able to get away from the noise. The hotel was within walking distance of everything I wanted to eat and the only time I Ubered was back and forth to the airport and to one restaurant when it was raining before I got my super cute $3 plastic rain poncho LOL.

Older building, modern charm

Like most of the buildings in the French Quarter I’m sure, the Chateau LeMoyne is an old building. But the recent renovations truly bring out its beauty and I loved the french charm. The decor definitely fit the aesthetic and James loved the brick wall in our room. While I didn’t personally photograph any of the room because I was in major “relaxed” mode, I can say the decor you see online is definitely what you get. The room was clean, spacious and not lacking any of the necessities.

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Amazing and courteous staff

From the time that I arrived at the hotel the staff at the Chateau LeMoyne were nothing short of amazing and courteous. Two very important things in a location you’re looking to spend a large amount of money. Even when telling me they didn’t have the room type I wanted (again, my fault..last minute) the gentleman at the front desk was super courteous. We were always greeted with a smile and verbal acknowledgment whether we were coming in at 3am off Bourbon or leaving at 8am for breakfast. I don’t know about you but customer service heavily affects my return business. The staff here definitely made me feel good about returning. Plus we stayed right as Mardi Gras was getting underway. There were all types of guests to deal with and I heard courtesy every time I passed the front desk.

Beautiful Event Space and more…

Though I was just there celebrating a regular old birthday, the Chateau LeMoyne does have a beautiful event space. There was an event going on one night while we were there and the peek I took (nosy) was nice. They also have a beautiful heated outdoor pool. It was chilly while we went but I had a pool view room and we did see people enjoying it despite the temps.

Some Things to Know About the Chateau LeMoyne Before You Go

  • The restaurant in the hotel is currently closed. There was also no microwave in our double room. I don’t know if this is a thing but I had leftovers everyday that I would’ve loved to warm up in room. We did have a mini fridge and coffee maker that got put to good use.
  • The hotel is located around the corner from Bourbon street. If you don’t know, that is the party heart of the French Quarter. It is located far enough away that no noise carries over but much like any location that is loud with alcohol there were wanderers sometimes. Still, I never felt unsafe.
  • The hotel does not offer free parking. If you do bring a car there is valet parking to the tune of $40 a day. Just don’t drive. Honestly, you can walk everywhere and Uber was inexpensive.
  • You can request a balcony room for an additional charge, if you’re into that kinda thing.

All in all if you are looking to experience all the French Quarter has to offer, the Chateau LeMoyne turned out to be a great place for us to stay. The location, price and customer service were all on point. I plan to return to NOLA very soon and could definitely see myself staying here again.

What’s your favorite place to stay in New Orleans? Do you like to be close to the action or are you trying to stay as far as possible?

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