Save Those Receipts! Target Kids Brand Cat & Jack Has a One Year Warranty

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I was minding my business scrolling the internet today when I came across a post about Target brand Cat & Jack warranty. And had my mind BLOWN!

Cat & Jack warranty screenshot

In case you have never heard of Cat & Jack (then do you even Target?) they are FAIRLY new. Launched in July 2016, Cat & Jack is a Kids’ and Baby apparel and accessories line featuring high-quality wardrobe staples and must-have seasonal trends, all at affordable prices. With prices starting at $3.99 they are designed with kids, for kids. And thankfully with my pockets in mind too!

Apparently as if Target wasn’t already filled with all things magical, their kids apparel line comes with a one year warranty. That’s right! Give me your tired, your worn your hole-y denim! And don’t forget to bring your receipt. You need it in order to make the exchange.

Now of course when I saw this post I was scanning the land of opinions (Facebook) and the votes were divided. Millennial moms always have an opinion on SOMETHING! Some people thought it was wrong to return worn clothes. Some obviously don’t know the meaning of warranty. Me? A mom of two little boys? Buyer of all the jeans? Worn out knees after the second wear? I silently rejoiced. To have a one year warranty on kids apparel is genius to me. Cat & Jack is already an affordable brand and I haven’t had any quality issues. Target always knows how to draw people in. They know what they’re doing!! I surely will be shopping there for uniform pants since I send my child to school at the beach (knees always white!)

Have you used the Cat & Jack warranty? How do you feel about warranties on kids clothes? Sound off in the comments or come over to our Facebook group to discuss.


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