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Serena Williams Forgets the 1st Commandment of The Internet – Thou Shalt Watch What You Say or Be Druggeth for Filth!


In an interview with Australian magazine Stellar, Serena is quoted about her feelings on giving birth saying, “I am about to be a real woman now, you know? It’s going to be something incredibly impressive to go through”. 

Baaaaaaybeh! Fans and haters alike are BIG MAD at that quote. While I don’t think Williams was necessarily trying to take away anything from women who don’t give birth whether by choice or not, she forgot the golden rule of being in the spotlight, choose your words carefully! Nonetheless Williams had a fun-filled weekend celebrating “Baby O” and I’m sure the impending arrival of baby makes it so much easier for the champion to brush off the negativity.

[SWIPE LEFT] #MommyMondays- #SerenaWilliams and her baby, slaying.

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Serena Williams & Family Celebrate Baby with 50’s Themed Baby Shower

  Image via Serena Williams [Instagram]

Image via Serena Williams [Instagram]

Gorgeous momma to be Serena Williams took it way back over the weekend with her 50s themed baby shower. Check out what some of Williams’ friends shared from the “Baby O Diner” over on the ‘gram! 

❤️ @KellyRowland @LaLa @ValVogt #Girls #ShakeRattleandRoll2017

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Love you Rena @serenawilliams ❤️🍼❤️ #shakerattleandroll2017

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#shakerattleandroll2017 🍼💪🏽

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Me and @VenusWilliams At The Baby O Diner 🍔🍟🥛 #ShakeRattleandRoll2017

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No word on baby’s gender yet since Williams accidentally announced her pregnancy back in April but nonetheless she’s been serving up beauty her entire pregnancy!. Looks like Williams and her family/friends had fun celebrating baby! 

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