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From Natural… To relaxed?

So I spent almost a year of transitioning to natural hair before I went and did the “big chop”. And I loved it. There were days my hair looked CRAY… And I embraced it all. But now being the crazy lady I am… I thinking about going back to a relaxer.

Myth: Natural hair is easy to maintain.
Fact: Being natural is a lot of effin work! Lol. With my natural hair texture.. There are no days where I can just go.. I have to do work EVERY SINGLE DAY.. And ummm I’m having a baby y’all (in case you missed it lmao).. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 
Myth: Natural hair saves money.
Fact: Have you ever walked down the natural hair aisle at your local pharmacy/department store? Yea no… It’s not cheap at all. Even if you don’t fall victim to becoming a product junkie… You still have to try out products to figure out what your hair loves… Which I have yet to find out cause again… It takes alot of work lol. “healthy hair” is expensive no matter how you look at it.

Myth: Natural hair grows “better” than relaxed hair.
Fact: I’ve never had a problem with my hair growing.. I had really long relaxed hair. My scalp was unhealthy in general and that might be due to prolonged protective styling (weaves) because even natural I still have the same scalp issue if I wear a weave. My hair just needs to be washed frequently… No matter what state it’s in.

All in all I’m still undecided. 

Will I be “copping out” if I go back to relaxing? Would people even notice?! Lmao. It’s not like I went hard in the natural hair community.. And for that reason. My mind when it comes to my hair changes on a whim and I didn’t want to deal with the “backlash”. Anyone who’s natural knows the natural hair community can be ruthless LOL. I might be exiled to a deserted island. 

Did I then just waste a year for nothing? Ehhhh… I don’t think so. Like I said before I liked transitioning. Even the hard days weren’t TERRIBLE. And hair experimenting was fun. 
Will I regret relaxing? Maybe. Lol. I actually had natural hair before but I kept my hair in box braids for like… 2 years straight (I mean, not the same braids but y’all get it) and the whole time I was transitioning I kept saying… Well I’d HAVE natural hair if I never relaxed it when I stopped braiding it. But I was a lot younger then (16 I think) and wouldn’t have invested the time in my natural hair. I barely took care of my relaxed hair back then. 
Will it really be easier to have relaxed hair? Lol I honestly think it will. Right now I’m tryna think of what will make my life as easy as possible. Newborn (soon), trying to perfect a twistout, AND working.. doesn’t seem realistic to me. Are there even enough hours in the day?! I’d like to sleep some (which everyone says I won’t do anyway LOL).
At the end of the day… It’s my hair lol. If I want a baldy tomorrow then I’ll shave my head “cause I feel like it” and I’ll be fine with that! Haha. My main goal right now is to not make impulse decisions but… I think that’s in my genetic make up. 😉