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Girl, Bye! Why There’s No Such Thing As Making EASY Money Online

You see the posts everywhere. LITERALLY everywhere. Somewhere, everyday, someone quit their job to make money online full-time and live their dream. I’m all for it but I just wanna know why they ALWAYS claim it was easy. Or you can do it to EASILY. They’re LYING! If it was easy to make the coin online everyone would be doing it and I wouldn’t be dreading going back to my torturous job in a few weeks even though I literally JUST had a baby

Anything worth having is not going to come easy. I think thats why so many people give up in the blogging game. Cause they’re reading these articles thinking they’re not going to have to PUT IN WORK! Affiliate marketing? WORK! Freelancing? WORK! Selling your own product?

I legit read one of these articles yesterday that focused on selling your services and it started with “Say you have 10,000 subscribers on your blog”.. uhhhhh come again, sir?! Why would you try to pass that off as easy???? I just want people to start telling the truth. Making money in. these e-streets is just as hard (if not HARDER) than having a 9-5. But I want it bad…. so I’m gonna get to work!

What are you doing to make money online? Do you find it “easy”?