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9 Lion King Inspired Treats Now at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

If you’re looking to rustle up some grub this summer then Animal Kingdom is definitely the place to do it! You guys know (if you follow me on social) that snacks are my jam! So when I saw that Animal Kingdom was releasing a whole bunch of new snacks inspired by this summers release of the new live action version of The Lion King I HAD to share. The new offerings will be available all throughout the summer to help celebrate the release of the movie later this July. Check out all of the new Lion King treats now at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Continue Reading →

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How Different is Disney’s Live Action Aladdin vs The Animated Version?

We saw Aladdin earlier this week in a pre-screening and if you didn’t get a chance to see my no spoiler review, we loved it! The visuals, the music and the cast were all amazing. But you know as a die hard Aladdin fan I spotted the differences VERY easily. And trust, the differences started right at the beginning. However, the differences in the live action film made it the amazing movie that it was. It told the story of Aladdin and still connected with audiences in so many more amazing ways. So what were the differences between the live action and animated aladdin? I’m about to break it down for you.


Continue Reading →

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Preschool Approved Adventures by Disney Itineraries

With the announcement of their new Egypt itinerary, everybody wants to know the buzz on Adventures by Disney. If you don’t know, Adventures by Disney offers all inclusive trips to a ton of destinations around the world. You get VIP guided tours, exclusive behind the scenes looks and a culturally immersive experience. And of course on your trip you get to experience a little bit of Disney Magic! Adventures by Disney itineraries are a great way to travel. They’re hassle free and you get a VIP experience that only Disney can provide. But you may be surprised to find out, not all trips are available for our littlest littles. In fact the youngest recommended age for their itineraries are 4. I’m going to share with you all the Adventures by Disney trips that are preschool friendly. Continue Reading →

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What’s New at Disney: 2019 & Beyond

mickey & Minnie at disney social media celebration

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attend Disney Social Media Celebration for their On-The-Road stop in NYC. This was my first time attending this conference. I was excited to be in the room with so many amazing creatives, story tellers and lovers of all things Disney! The amazing thing about Disney Social Media Celebration is that it combines the latest Disney news, with business tips. We learned a ton of amazing info on how to grow as creators, engage our audience and make sure we are telling our story. But I know that isn’t what you’re here for. We also heard a little bit more about all the new and exciting things that Disney has planned for the rest of the 2019 season and beyond. I’m here to share all the deets!

Disney Cruise Lines

image via Disney

  • Disney has 3 new ships joining their fleet! Starting in 2021 a new ship will join Disney’s fleet each year (so 2021,2022 &2023). While the ships are still unnamed they are all expected to be bigger than the Disney Dream!
  • Marvel Day at Sea and Star Wars Day at Sea are making a return in 2020 on select Disney Magic and Disney Fantasy sailings! Marvel Day at Sea also includes the recent addition of Captain Marvel. Make sure to check out to learn more information about these sailings.

Walt Disney World

disney skyliner gondolas -disney social media celebration

  • You may have already seen that the Disney Skyliner Gondolas have been unwrapped and are being tested throughout the parks. The Skyliners will be available to guests of Disney Skyliner Resorts starting this fall. For more information on hotels and the Skyliners, check out this original story featured on Disney Parks Blog.
  • Epcot is continuing to get some exciting updates as they prep for the opening of a new space themed restaurant later this year.  The restaurant will be a table service restaurant and adjacent to the Mission:SPACE! attraction.
  • Also coming to Epcot? A new Gaurdians of the Galaxy themed rollercoaster set to be Disney World’s largest enclosed coaster, and a new Ratatouille themed experience. I’ll share more details for both of those when I have them.

Disney Springs

  • The NBA Experience is coming to Disney Springs this summer. The grand opening is set for August 12th. With a ticket, you will be able to participate in 13 immersive activities. They’ll will combine Disney and NBA (or WNBA) magic to help you feel like the superstar! Tickets to NBA Experience can be purchased wherever Walt Disney World tickets are sold as well as
  • Jaleo is now open for lunch and dinner! The Disney Springs Jaleo location is the largest in the U.S serving traditional Spanish cuisine ranging from tapas to paella to sangria. Check out this video by Jaleo chef Jose Andres to learn more about the restaurant.

Adventures By Disney

  • Adventures by Disney has some new and exciting itineraries coming up for 2020 and beyond. The trip getting the most buzz right now is their itinerary to Egypt. If the idea of cruising on the Nile or snorkeling in the Red Sea is appealing to you, you definitely want to check out these new excursions. For a more in depth look at what’s to come for Adventures by Disney, check out this amazing post written by my friend Clarissa at Passport and Parenting.

What addition to Disney are you most excited about? When is your next Disney trip?


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5 Tips for Breastfeeding Moms at Disney World

Last week my family took their first trip to Disney World and not to sound cliche but it was MAGICAL! The boys are still young and we had a bunch of other things planned for our trip so we dedicated a day to Magic Kingdom and we got their EARLY. I think being from New York none of us were prepared for the intensity that is … the Florida HEAT. When you’re a nursing mama, that amount of heat means your baby is going to want to nurse WAY WAY more than usual and I KINDA was prepared but I just wanna give the breastfeeding moms a few tips so that you’re more prepared than I am.

5 Tips for Breastfeeding at Disney World

Know The Park

With a place that is as huge as Disney that seems impossible but for real, I’m telling you… utilize those maps! It makes it so much easier when you know where you’re going, when you’re going to be stopping, and what you’re going to be doing. Everyone will be way less aggravated if you don’t feel like you’re wandering aimlessly. You can easily access maps to any of Disney’s parks HERE and you can filter it by activity, age, thrill level etc etc.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

More than you have ever hydrated before! ESPECIALLY if you aren’t used to the southern heat because neither I nor my kids were prepared. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you with milk production and you’ll be able to keep your baby hydrated. Also, if you’re nursing a toddler realize they are HOT and that is why they’re nursing like a newborn again. It’s perfectly OK to give your toddler water, they NEED it. The great thing about Disney is that there are water fountains a plenty and you can ask for a cup of water at any concession stand.

Utilize the Baby Care Centers

Each park has a Baby Care Center that is perfect for moms with little ones. Each center has an air conditioned seating area, space to nurse, pump, changing stations and any supplies that you may have forgotten when you were in a rush to leave your hotel room. These rooms are perfect for taking a break from the beautiful chaos. And you can cool off while you tend to baby. Make sure you familiarize yourself with where the centers are located in each park, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Ditch the Nursing Cover

Or use a very very very lightweight cover. Trust me when I say…. it’s too hot for all that. The fight to cover Zayn alone would result in us losing 20 pounds each from sweating. Nursing two kids for over a year I’ve come up with all kinds of discreet and quick ways to nurse without drawing attention to us. And honestly this far into the game, I don’t care anyway. Plus, it’s a family park. I didn’t run have that fear that anyone was going to boob-shame me out there, if anyone even noticed.

Nurse on the Go  

When all else fails, when your kids are in that long line waiting to ride It’s a Small World for the 5th time in a row, when the Baby Center feels like it’s 100 miles away, when your baby JUST CANT WAIT…. there are plenty of shaded areas where you can sit on a bench and peacefully nurse your little. There was plenty of seating near stroller parking areas and I nursed Zayn by a few. It wasn’t bad at all.

When the day came to an end I was super proud of my nursing experience at Disney. I didn’t once feel overwhelmed or confused and I kept things super simple. Knowledge is power so the more you know going into the parks, the better. Breastfeeding at Disney World definitely does not have to feel overwhelming. Remembering these 5 tips could make your day 10x better!

Have you been to Disney with your nursling? What was the experience like for you?