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Hype or Hoax? – Levain Bakery NYC

I KNOW I’m not the only one that spends (probably too much) time watching those Insider videos on Facebook and then drooling and tagging people in the videos that I want to visit like “we NEED to go here!”. My boyfriend and I have actually visited a few of the places that have popped up on our timeline and we honestly were disappointed by the first two we visited. They were definitely good but we just couldn’t see the reason for the hype they were getting on social media.

*Insert Levain Bakery* because….. cookies… 

When I saw this video for the hundredth time on my timeline I HAD to go. So we packed everyone in the car the next day and took a trip to the city that took way longer than it should have with two screaming kids LOL. 

*TIP – Levain Bakery just recently opened up a new bigger location a few blocks from their original location (the one shown in all of insiders videos). Same cookie amazingness – no line around the block! That’s the location we went to ;)*

Sooo was it worth the hype or all a hoax?

In this instance Levain Bakery is definitely WORTH THE HYPE! The chocolatey cookie goodness that you anticipate getting after watching the video is definitely what you get! James asked if it was everything I hoped it’d be and I could only nod yes (with a mouth full of cookie). Make sure you get more than one especially if you live far because you’re definitely going to want more. This is one trip I don’t regret making! 

Have you visited one of the places you’ve seen pop up on your timeline? What other places are you interested in knowing if its worth the hype? Leave suggestions where we should go next in the comments!