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5 Tips for Stress Free Potty Training for Boys

I’m just going to admit it, whenever people ask me for potty training tips I struggle. More often than not I tell people I didn’t even potty train RJ, he basically did it himself. He was a very easy child on the potty front and it came to him quickly. He hated the feeling of wet underwear and within a course of 2/3 days he had very few accidents before he decided that the wet undie life was not for him. There are hundreds of resources out there that tell you how and when to potty train but mom to mom, my son was potty trained in 3 days, IF that. I felt absolutely no stress during the process and I was SO proud of how quick he got it. I’m just here to share with you guys what worked for me. Continue Reading →

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15 (No Candy) Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

It was JUST Christmas and now here we are, planning the next holiday. I love giving gifts, and I love the excitement of any holiday. Call me a sucker but I’ll celebrate ALL the days in the name of making my children smile.

What we NOT finna do though is have tons of candy in my house. It’s a fight to get RJ to brush his teeth regularly. So any holiday that involves candy (and of course he only likes the chewy sticky kind) we have to find alternatives. Not to mention they have enough energy on their own, they don’t need the assistance of sugar. Since Easter is a little over a month away, I wanted to share some ideas with you for things you can fill your little boys Easter basket with that won’t have them making more dentist visits than required. Continue Reading →

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6 Playdate Ideas for Little Boys in NYC | #BoyMom

Listen, if you’re a mom with a little boy… then you obviously feel my struggle and that’s how you landed here. Little girls have it all… tea parties and kiddie salons and mini spas… they get the works! Little boys are left to the wayside to fend for themselves and play in somebodies dirt somewhere and are just supposed to be happy with that. Dramatic perhaps, but hey! I’m known for drama and I’m tired of feeling like my babies aren’t as important because they can’t get their nails painted or have princess parties or whatever. We need places to play too! So I’ve done my research and I’ve dug up some of the best places I could find in and around the city to bring your little sonshines for a playdate.

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Confession Time: I’m SICK of Having to Put My Kids First

Every morning (or night if you will) my alarm goes off at 230am. I snooze like 5 times, and then I try to detach Zayn without waking him up, sneak out of the room and get dressed in the living room so that I can be at work at 3 effing 30. In the morning. Since James works overnight also, that means I have two kids I then have to (sometimes) dress and move in the middle of the night to their respective locations so that they aren’t left unsupervised. Thank God for family!

Zayn’s first winter was ROUGH. I found myself calling out of work pretty often to stay home because one or both kids were sick and ain’t nobody trying to take care of a sick child that isn’t  theirs in the middle of the night. Love em or not! Returning to work is always led with “Hey what happened?” and then upon explaining my situation (sick kids, 3am, no childcare…) I always get the “empathetic “well, you have to do what’s best for your family”.

And I’m going to be completely honest with y’all and say when it comes to work vs family, I’m tired of choosing my kids. Because…. I feel like it shouldn’t even be a “thing”. I’m honestly annoyed by the guilt I feel of letting someone else down every time I have to stay home to be with them. I just want to parent guilt-free. Back in December Zayn (at 5 months old) was hospitalized for Croup and I actually had someone look at me with confusion and say, “you could’ve left him there and just came to work it’s not like he could go anywhere.” Miss……. what?!?!

I completely get that for some people the money is the motive but no one tries to make you feel guilty when you miss your kids 4th school performance for your lil $15 an hour, so why do I get so much crap for choosing the opposite end? I’m over it. I’m completely tired of the fact that I even HAVE to make choosing my kids a big deal but I’d never choose anything else. I don’t get paid enough for all that.

What’s your work/life balance like? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Embracing the Change! Life So Far As a Mom of Two

I’m back! Zayn made his (very fast) appearance on June 20th and I’ve just been spending time adjusting to being a mom to two and getting back into the swing of things at home. It hasn’t been as hard as I initially thought it was going to be because SOOOOOO many articles make you dread going from one child to two, but it’s definitely been an adjustment and we’re all learning together.  

RJ LOVES being a big brother. He hasn’t asked us to take the baby back or shown an extreme signs of jealousy or resentment which honestly I was a little worried about. My big boy is definitely a mamas boy and initially I was really worried about how he’d feel about sharing his parents with another person 24/7. He always wants to hold his brother and if Zayn makes the tiniest peep he’s there at his side before any of us. He doesn’t hesitate to show people his baby and remind everyone “you see my brother?”. I think we did a gairly good job prepping him to become a big brother before Zayn arrived. 

Speaking of making a peep, as a breastfeeding mama I highly believe in the paci! Zayn isn’t as bad as RJ was (yet!) but these kids would literally stay attached to me all day if it wasn’t for pacifiers and the Wubbanub is 1000% my favorite (check out my rave about it here from when RJ was a baby)! RJ chose this design for his brother because lions are his favorite animal but the Wubbanub comes in a variety of fun designs, all made with a single mold, medical grade silicone pacifier. They’re sold at a variety of places but I recommend checking out to find your local retailer (most likely Babies R Us or Target) and find out anything else you may need to know about the product. 

I’ve learned so much about myself in such a short time frame and I honestly look at both my boys almost everyday in shock and awe that I get to be their mommy! I’m so grateful for grace (from my boys, my love, and myself), patience, and the love I’ve gotten from them and their daddy and I can’t wait for us to continue to grow together as a family. This journey through motherhood is exhausting! There’s a lot of sleepless nights, more diapers than I can count and I’ve been cleaning a lot of booboos so far this summer (boys are rough!) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I love being their mommy and I’ve embraced the transition from one amazing little boy to two!  

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with our family and all we’re doing this summer!

How was it transitioning with another baby in your family? Have you tried and/or gifted the Wubbanub? 


 *Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored but I did receive the Wubbanub for free in exchange for my honest review. I would never recommend a product I didn’t love and/or think you guys would love. If you missed it, check out my review for the Wubbanub and my first child here. Waaaaay before I received anything for free! ;-)* 

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Boy Moms Come Together to Tell You Why #BlackBoysAreBrilliant

Especially now following the Olympics, #BlackGirlMagic is literally oozing down my timeline. It’s everywhere, everyday, all the time. And it’s NEEDED. It is so important for little girls and even big girls to see that representation and have people remind them constantly that girls and woman that look just like them are doing amazing things everyday. I love it. 

But I’m a boy mom. And I’m always looking for other examples of intelligent and inspiring black boys/men because I think about the examples I want to show my son all the time. It’s hard out here y’all. Is anyone else finding examples that I’m missing? I’m talking about beyond rapping and basketball. Boys aren’t celebrated the same way girls are. And if they are it isn’t nearly on the same scale as girls are. 

RJ is brilliant! At less than two years old he sings his ABCs and dances/sings every time he hears music. He loves to give kisses and “read books” and he can work some electronics better than me! He’s a meanie sometimes, but everyone loves him. He is learning sooooo quickly and I can’t wait to see what types of things he loves to do as he gets older/smarter. 

I asked some of my mommy friends to share why their sons were brilliant. Check out the gallery below to find out why other boy moms agree that #blackboysarebrilliant (and click the pics to check out some other great blogs!).  

Are you a boy mom? Auntie? Sister? Leave a comment below and share why you think #blackboysarebrilliant. Follow me on Instagram, and share a picture using the hashtag #blackboysarebrilliant! The world deserves to know. ;).