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The ONE Thing Your Brand/Business Needs That These eCourses Aren’t Telling You

I have taken plenty of courses and downloaded ebook after ebook that promised me if I did XYZ then I’d grow my following from 0 to 60 in 2.5. All have been pretty similar in their different marketing strategies promising if I followed their rules then I’d crack the Instagram algorithm or my Pinterest views to my blog would be through the roof. Though some courses have helped it wasn’t until I realized the ONE thing (almost) none of these courses were preaching as hard as marketing. 


I work a FULL time job. I go to work from 3:30 am to noon(ish). I also have a toddler in school, and exclusively breastfeed my 4 month old. I still try to schedule and share the heck out of my content, interact on social media and post new and relevant content for…… anyone who may be reading. Of course there have been (too many) times I’ve “given up” but I always find my fingers to the keys and the cursor clicking “new post”. 

I WANT this thing. I’m INVESTED in it. Blogging is my PASSION. And after a full day of life in the “real world” passion is sometimes the only fuel that keeps me going. PASSION has me typing this post on my MacBook with one hand while I use the other to hold my nursing son & watch Netflix with his brother. PASSION is what makes me spend money month after month investing in this because I know when it hits, the overflow is going to be sooooooo worth it. 

I couldn’t still be doing this without passion. I’m begging you to find your passion, invest in it, and be amazing! No eCourse in the world can teach you that.

As always, leave your thoughts below, can’t wait to hear from you!

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Girl, Bye! Why There’s No Such Thing As Making EASY Money Online

You see the posts everywhere. LITERALLY everywhere. Somewhere, everyday, someone quit their job to make money online full-time and live their dream. I’m all for it but I just wanna know why they ALWAYS claim it was easy. Or you can do it to EASILY. They’re LYING! If it was easy to make the coin online everyone would be doing it and I wouldn’t be dreading going back to my torturous job in a few weeks even though I literally JUST had a baby

Anything worth having is not going to come easy. I think thats why so many people give up in the blogging game. Cause they’re reading these articles thinking they’re not going to have to PUT IN WORK! Affiliate marketing? WORK! Freelancing? WORK! Selling your own product?

I legit read one of these articles yesterday that focused on selling your services and it started with “Say you have 10,000 subscribers on your blog”.. uhhhhh come again, sir?! Why would you try to pass that off as easy???? I just want people to start telling the truth. Making money in. these e-streets is just as hard (if not HARDER) than having a 9-5. But I want it bad…. so I’m gonna get to work!

What are you doing to make money online? Do you find it “easy”?

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SIX Reasons You Actually May NOT Be About #thatbloglife

Sooooo you wanna be a blogger? I can understand why. All the cool kids have a blog. Everyone’s getting something from someone, some way or another for free.. And who doesn’t like free ish?!  

Or you’re already a blogger. But you’re questioning if you want to keep blogging. Is it worth it? Does anyone care? Heck, do I even care? Why isn’t MY blog as great as XYZs? What’s she doing that’s soooo great? WHO’S NOT LETTING ME BE GREAT?!?! 

 Lucky for y’all I have the answers. Cause I know all the things. I’m good like that. 

I’m about to lay it all out for you and tell you why you actually may not be about #thatbloglife. 

1. You don’t wear makeup EVERYDAY … ALLDAY (and/or your kids keep pajamas on most of the day) and your selfie game is weak.  Because no one wants to know what you do in your real, regular, everyday life. Social media perfection is in, get with it!

2You don’t have 100k million jillion followers on social media. Aka you have no voice. No ones listening. Give up.

3. You don’t write for any major publications. If none of your blog posts have made it to Huffpost yet, you’re doing blogging all wrong. The only way anyone who’s anyone will come across your blog is through them. Duh!

4. You write in your own voice. And who told you that was ok? I happen to enjoy my day browsing blogs that all sound the same, look the same, and talk about the same exact things. You don’t need to be original. Don’t try that. It’s kinda braggy/a**holish. 

5. You’re not a SAHM/Blogging isn’t your full time job. Because if you can’t  dedicate your whole life to these here internets then, what is your life anyway?! 

6. You took this post seriously. I pray to baby Jesus y’all took this post lightly and no one is ready to kill me by now (or that y’all didn’t stop reading out of rage and made it this far) lmao. I feel like we all have doubts when it comes to blogging but forreal, shake it off, suck it up and do it anyway. Nothing but passion, drive and consistency will lead to your success. Get it done girl! You got this!