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Should I Take My Toddler to See SMALLFOOT? |No Spoiler Review

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Last month, RJ and I got to check out an advanced screening of SMALLFOOT at the Crosby Street Hotel (did you know they had a whole movie theatre in there?! Check out my friend Sanaa’s hotel review). I’m always a little hesitant about taking RJ to the movies because he’s one of those kids that yell at the screen and talk during the whole movie but thankfully the theatre was full of kids hyped up on dummies, cotton candy and popcorn so he wasn’t the only one that had EVERYTHING to say throughout the entire movie.

An animated adventure for all ages, with original music and an all-star cast, “Smallfoot” turns the Bigfoot legend upside down when a bright young Yeti finds something he thought didn’t exist—a human. News of this “smallfoot” throws the simple Yeti community into an uproar over what else might be out there in the big world beyond their snowy village, in an all new story about friendship, courage and the joy of discovery. Let me give you a chance to check out the trailer below:

How long is the movie?

The running time for Smallfoot is an hour and 49 minutes. If your little gets antsy (like mine does) I’m definitely team skip the previews. Also, SNACKS. RJ is much quieter and will sit still for a lot longer when popcorn is involved. He ate his whole bucket of popcorn and then asked if we could trade. So basically, he gave me his leftover kernels and then ate all my popcorn too.

But….. Yetis, should I be concerned?

Smallfoot really is a movie for all ages! I also say this to say, my 3 year old watches and loves Jurassic park without blinking an eye. But I think its pretty safe to say that as long as Migo and Meechee stay ON the screen then your little one will be OK. With us being at a private screening they showed up to take some pictures with the kids before the movie and RJ was NOT WITH IT. But he LOVES his Meechee stuffed animal, and he gets excited whenever he sees a billboard for the movie. No permanent damage was done LOL

Will I enjoy SMALLFOOT too?

Yes!!! Lessons on lessons on lessons, okay?! I was in the movie laughing, learning and getting emotional (pisces problems) just as much as RJ. There is humor in the movie for adults and children, lessons everyone can take away and amazing songs (because who doesn’t love music). You’ll probably take away more from the movie than your little one and it opens up an amazing doorway for a few different conversations. SMALLFOOT is a movie your whole family, from younger to oldest will remember.

SMALLFOOT stomps into theaters everywhere September 28th! Get tickets to see the movie here.

So my only question now is…. are you YETI?!?! Do you plan on checking out #SMALLFOOT? Have you seen it already? What did you take away? Lets talk in the comments! xoxo.

** BONUS MOM HACK! I printed out the SMALLFOOT posters, glued them to index cards, and we use them for a memory card matching game. Thank me later! ;)**

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I’m Having a (Twitter) Party!! |#CountdowntoGrindelwald

If you know me then you have at some point heard me profess my love for all things Harry Potter. I fell in love with the wizarding world in elementary school and I’ve been a potterhead ever since. I watch the movies every single time they’re on tv, the DVDs got me through some of my loneliest moments when I first moved back to NYC and I can read the entire series in a week without skipping a beat. 

When Fantastic Beasts was first released I was hesitant. I take my love for Hogwarts seriously and I hated the idea of them trying to tell any other story that wouldn’t be a good one. But I was sooooo wrong. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was an amazing movie!! And my love expanded. When I saw the first trailer for the Crimes of Grindelwald I probably held my breath the entire time. I seriously can’t wait for this movie in November. 

So in complete impatient anticipation and to connect with more fans, my friend Sanaa and I have decided to hold a weekly Twitter party to #CountdowntoGrindelwald. Starting 9/16 Each week on #WizardingWednesdays we’ll be having a discussion based on one year at Hogwarts concluding with Fantastic Beasts on the last week. We have some amazing giveaways planned and we’d love to have you  join us!! 

RSVP below so you can stay up to date with the Twitter party, get a sneak peek at our giveaway sponsors and #CountdowntoGrindewald with us!  

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Are you excited for Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald?? 

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7 INCREDIBLE Gifs In Case You Forgot Why The Incredibles Is An Amazing Movie!

Let’s face it, the Incredibles was released a LONG time ago. Any true Pixar fan could quote the movie start to finish and can rattle off their favorite parts without even stopping to think because the movie is JUST THAT INCREDIBLE. Of course, attending the university of shady makes madam Edna Mode one of my favorite characters, but Jack Jack does come in at a close second, I’m a sucker for a cute baby. I’m super excited for June 15th and the long overdue release of part 2 in theaters. 

The movie is a CLASSIC but some may need a little reminder of some of the movies best moments. Plus, who doesn’t love a good gif nowadays??


This is probably one of everyones favorite moments


The queen of shade – Edna Mode




When you realize the whole family is Incredible…

Because… logic…. 


What are some of your favorite moments from Incredibles? Will you be going to see part 2? Tweet me your favorite gif, if it wasn’t included. xoxo

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INCREDIBLES 2 opens in theatres everywhere on June 15, 2018

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So We’re Just NOT Going to Talk About the Little Black Girl in the Roseanne Reboot?

 Source: ABC

Source: ABC

We’ve gotten a couple sneak peaks of the show and there have been soooo many #QTNA. Dans alive? Where’s David? How the heck are they casting both Becky’s? How are they going to address the whole “all of this has been made up” thing that they just ended the series with? Do we REALLY need to mention Trump (ok maybe that’s just my question)?

But there’s also a lot buzz around some of the new characters. If you do a quick search for new characters in the reboot you’ll find many a post about Mark, Darlene and David’s 9 year old son that dresses like a girl. Countless articles address the gender nonconforming Conner kid and I think it’s going to be interesting to see how his character unfolds in the season. But if you haven’t seen any pictures of the upcoming revival and just caught the release of the new opening sequence the other day you were probably just as surprised as I was.

D.J., Roseanne and Dan’s son also has a child in the upcoming series. Mary is played by Jayden Rey and the teenaged, Nick @ Nite loving insomniac in me couldn’t help but feel excited when I saw her beautiful brown face bouncing around the Conner table in the opening sequence. I’m honestly sad that she hasn’t gotten as much buzz as other newcomers because I think the introduction of a black girl to the Conner cast is EXTREME for the show. I clearly remember the episode way way back in the day where D.J. wanted to quit his school play because he didn’t want to kiss his black classmate Gina. The episode widely addressed prejudice & of course I remember it clearly.

 Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I’ll admit, prior to finding out about Jayden Rey’s role I wasn’t all that excited for the reboot because I just don’t have time to give anything Trump-esque my energy but I’m interested to see how Mary is going to fit into the family. I’m praying praying praying hard that Roseanne doesn’t disappoint me and little Jayden gets her shine on. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

 Source: ABC

Source: ABC

How do you feel about the reboot? Vaguely interested? 

Roseanne returns to TV March 27th at 8 pm est. on ABC!

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Two New Films To Bring Your Childhood Memories To Life| Mary Poppins Returns & Christopher Robin Teaser Trailers

If Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wasn’t the first big word that you learned how to spell did you even HAVE a childhood??? The teaser trailer for the new movie Mary Poppins Returns was released during the Oscars on Sunday and my childhood desires to have a nanny all flooded back to me. I’m pretty sure my mom let me eat spoonfuls of sugar JUST because of this movie. I cant wait to see what magic Emily Blunt helps the practically-perfect nanny bring to life!

And if that wasn’t enough to give you ALL the childhood nostalgia feels then just yesterday the teaser trailer for Christopher Robin was released. Who can resist a Live-Action film featuring their favorite bear?? Would you guys judge me if I saw this movie for my 8 year anniversary with my boyfriend? I have to admit I’m excited for my kids to grow up and enjoy the classics but have a new take on the movies as well. Check out the teaser for Christopher Robin below. 

Christopher Robin arrives in theaters August 3rd 2018!

Mary Poppins Returns this Christmas 2018! 

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It’s Been Over A Week & I’m STILL Waiting to See ‘The Greatest Showman’ AGAIN! | Movie Review

  The Greatest Showman (20th Century Fox)

The Greatest Showman (20th Century Fox)

I feel like as a mom, I find myself completely oblivious when it comes to things that aren’t Disney, Youtube or toy related. So when James told me he wanted to see The Greatest Showman first of all, I had no idea what the eff he was talking about. And admittedly even after watching the trailer I was still confused like ehhhhh a movie about the circus?? I guess…. *scratches head*

I’m pretty sure a good amount of time passed between the initial conversation we had about the movie and last weekend when we finally got to go out sans children. So when I excitedly asked what movie we should see and this was the option again, I was confused LOL. I check some reviews and got even more skeptical because if you read the reviews before seeing this movie they are SOOOOO mixed. But, I’m definitely an optimist and now I was even more curious about the movie, so I was interested to see how my few childless hours were about to play out.

 The Greatest Showman Cast (20th Century Fox)

The Greatest Showman Cast (20th Century Fox)

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that PT Barnum was a pretty horrible man. So if your’e going into the movie looking for an accurate depiction of his character and historical events, don’t bother. The movie itself is LOOSELY based on Barnum’s idea of the circus and focuses strongly on the ideas of acceptance, following your dreams and unapologetically being yourself (‘This is Me’). Nothing in the entire hour and 45 minutes was shocking or unpredictable but I still was entertained throughout the entire movie. And if you’re a music lover?!?! Let’s just say RJ didnt go with us to the movies but he can probably sing the entire soundtrack in order. The songs were amazing! 

 The Greatest Showman (Youtube)

The Greatest Showman (Youtube)

I dont remember the last time I left a movie and felt THAT excited. If you go into the movie looking to be entertained you definitely will not leave disappointed. And I don’t know if it’s just me getting older, but I definitely feel more emotion when I watch TV/movies now. There were points of the movie were I felt happy, sad, disappointed, angry, romanced and the emotions just never stopped. The casting, acting, music were just ALL on point and I am literally ready to go back to the movies and see this movie a time or two more. If anyone wants to watch my kids for me, you can find me there! 

Have you seen The Greatest Showman? Are you skeptical because of PT Barnum’s History? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! xoxo