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The Black Girls Guide to Surviving Wedding Season When You’re Single AF!

If you know me you probably rolled your eyes and was like Tanay.. you have a man WTH are you talking about. Listen, when I file taxes I still have to check single so I qualify to write this post, ok! If wedding season makes you want to A) Throat punch anyone who posts about love on your timeline or B) Burst into tears because you can’t for the life of you figure your own life out then, this post is for you sis!

With all the excitement about the Royal Wedding that just passed among the multiple other weddings I have to attend coming up I am just about ready to lose my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love all things LOVE. Weddings, fairytales, the idea of happily ever after… those are all MY THING. I am a hopeless romantic through and through. But I’m just honestly over here hanging out in wedding limbo, trying to find things to occupy my time so I don’t end up on SNAPPED! before I’m actually a wife. I’m still here, so I’m about to tell you some of the things I do that help me when I’m starting to feel wedding woes.

//Get A Hobby// 

That means one that doesn’t include scrolling social media because honestly, as a female we can easily find ourselves sinking down the “woe is me” rabbit hole in 2.5 seconds and then 3 hours later we’re trying to figure out why we’re still on the couch, scrolling iG, and we know the entire dating history of someone we never even met. No? Just me? Don’t lie! Get out and do something besides tweeting and snapping. Occupy your mind! Something as simple as reading a book is an amazing distraction. It keeps me off my phone and  I’m learning new stuff. It’s a win-win situation.  

//Get A Girlfriend// 

It’s not what it sounds like.  But your girl friends are (or should be) everything! Get you a friend that will show up when you need it and can lift you up mentally. Surround yourself with positive energy and good vibes. When you vibrate on a higher frequency then you attract more positive and abundance. Sometimes you need someone to put on Nice for What, hype you up & remind you that there’s more important sh*t to worry about. 

//Live in the Moment//

Sometimes that is way easier said than done, I feel you. But trust when I say you will be way happier thinking about the now than obsessing over the future. There is so much joy in the now. Focus on the things that make you happy and keep those in the forefront of your mind. Positive attracts positive. Gratitude attracts more things to be grateful about. Trust me. 

//Love yourself//

Because no one can love you better. Don’t ever forget that you’re bomb as hell, you’re hair is on fleek and your melanin pops severely! Confidence is one of the most attractive personality traits, so never forget that you slay! No one can ever validate that for you more than yourself. 

This whole post probably rings cliche AF, but I’m so positive that I cannot be the only one that needs these reminders. And if all else fails and you find yourself wallowing in the wedding season woes, don’t forget that most weddings have an open bar! 😉

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