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My Word for 2018: LIVE

Happy New Year LifeNaytion!!!

I seriously cannot believe it’s 2018! Last year went by in a blur and I’m so excited to embrace everything that the new year has in store for me and to continue to grow with all of you. 

I don’t think I even had a word for 2017 and if I did it wasn’t one that even stuck with me because if it did then well, id remember it! But I definitely have a word for this year. 

It seems like such a simple word but its more of a promise to myself. 2018 has GOT to be my year to live and to live for myself. Motherhood is so consuming and honestly its been the biggest blessing I have ever received but I RARELY make time to just be TANAY without being mommy. 

This year I want to focus more on living for myself. Making time to do things that make me happy, traveling, reading and just living beyond motherhood. I want to step out on faith more when it comes to so many things whether its blog things, or personal life. I am really taking this blessing of seeing another year as an opportunity to live in the moment and not be afraid to pursue my best self. I can’t wait to LIVE 2018. 

What’s your one word for the year? Leave it in the comments below, xoxo. 

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