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Serena Williams & Family Celebrate Baby with 50’s Themed Baby Shower

  Image via Serena Williams [Instagram]

Image via Serena Williams [Instagram]

Gorgeous momma to be Serena Williams took it way back over the weekend with her 50s themed baby shower. Check out what some of Williams’ friends shared from the “Baby O Diner” over on the ‘gram! 

❤️ @KellyRowland @LaLa @ValVogt #Girls #ShakeRattleandRoll2017

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Love you Rena @serenawilliams ❤️🍼❤️ #shakerattleandroll2017

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#shakerattleandroll2017 🍼💪🏽

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📸: @lala

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Me and @VenusWilliams At The Baby O Diner 🍔🍟🥛 #ShakeRattleandRoll2017

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No word on baby’s gender yet since Williams accidentally announced her pregnancy back in April but nonetheless she’s been serving up beauty her entire pregnancy!. Looks like Williams and her family/friends had fun celebrating baby! 

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