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Breast is Best ….. For the Whole School Apparently!

You ever wonder if some people actually do the things they say or if they’re just doing it for Facebook fame or to go viral? That’s exactly how I felt when I saw the original posting on BoredPanda.com that mom posted to Facebook asking for advice after she did this:

SOOOOOO many questions here. But I wanna start by saying if you’re friends with me on Facebook then you know I’m not opposed to breastfeeding AT ALL. I go HARD for breastfeeding. But I just need to know why? Why did you this lady think it was ok to share the liquid from her body with her child’s WHOLE school? Are there no corner stores where you live ma’am? Milk is sold EVERYWHERE! 

Why are you putting milk in your brownies to begin with? I don’t work at a bakery or anything but uhhhhhh It’s definitely not a required ingredient as someone pointed out to me when I shared the first post I saw. 

How do you know what kind of nutrients someone else’s child needs and who are you to make that decision for the parents with your boob juice?! And how did another mom “find out?”. Did she taste said breast milk when she purchased one of the lactating brownies? I just need answers. I’m sure at this point she’s glad that she was kept anonymous in her original post because some people would have given her an earful! I’m just gonna share some of the funnier responses to lighten the mood in case you’re just as annoyed/disgusted as I am. 

Sooooo, how are you feeling? I’m wiling to bet it’s not hungry LOL! Lemme know your thoughts in the comments!

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