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Ciara Took Her Infant on a Toboggan and Social Media is BIG MAD as Usual

Seriously, can Ciara do ANYTHING without being attacked? CiCi shared a post of her family going down on the toboggan at the Great Wall of China and all the sancti-parents and Facebook trolls came out in full force to let her know just how bad of a mom she is:

APPARENTLY she is completely oblivious in the act of keeping her own child safe or making any decision about her own life for that matter *HARD eye roll*. Most of the comments were about Sienna but people were even upset she had Baby Future on the ride with her hubby. 

I’m gonna go with this person’s opinion….. 

Mind your business! That’s it. If you wouldn’t take your child on a toboggan then that’s amazing for you! It’s not YOUR child. But… as we see all the time in the media poor Ciara can’t do much without receiving heavy criticism. 

What do you think? Lemme know in the comments below!

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