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It’s Prom Season.. & Mom-Shaming Is At An ALL-TIME HIGH!

If you don’t live under a rock and scroll Facebook even a little bit I’m sure you’ve seen the posts…. There have been multiple this prom season but the most popular right now is this one…. 

As you can imagine the comments go something like …..

“Some people have more money than they have sense”

“I hope he got all A’s”

“She should’ve spent that money on his college education, she has money to waste!”

“She could’ve just sent him to Dubai!”

“How stupid could she be!”

“She’s sending the wrong message to her son.”

And judge and judge and judge ….. mostly from other women. I’m sure about 90% of the people who saw the post didn’t even read the article or care to look further into the story and just went by the Facebook caption or picture. The young mans mother, a business owner in Philadelphia, actually planned on taking him to Dubai for his high school graduation. He graduated with straight As and a full ride to college. After his mother suffered from a stroke and now cancer she wasn’t able to take him to Dubai, she wasn’t even sure she was going to make it to see her son GO to prom…. so she “brought Dubai to him”. I think that’s pretty amazing of her.  

But guess what, it really doesn’t matter what I think. Or you think. Her child, her money, his education. When did we as women become soooooo judgmental about what other women are doing in their homes? This being the age of social media isn’t an excuse. The mom-shaming I see on a daily basis is really disheartening. Maybe only MY grandma taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say then not to say anything at all….. 

What say you? Say it nicely! LOL


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