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Recap: The 2017 New York Baby Show Taught Me About More than Baby Products!

The night before the New York Baby Show I sat on the couch with my love and the usual feelings took over *insert anxiety… doubt… the overall feeling of introverted-ness (I know its not a word)* and the excuses started to come out. “I’m tired”.. “We have a lot to do tomorrow”… “Maybe we shouldn’t go because it’ll be too long of a day for everyone”. The plain truth was I was scared. As long as I have been dipping in and out of blogging this was the first “big” blog event that I was attending and anxiety was about to make me go into early labor. 

I had all the doubts in my head and my amazing other half just looked at me and said … “if that’s what you want to do then I support you in whatever you decide.” My 2 year old’s toy T-Rex then gave me an amazing speech (via hubby) about following my dreams and how I needed to take this opportunity to make these connections and be the most amazing possible, because blogging is all I ever talk about wanting to do but self-doubt always creeps in and makes me second guess myself. I listened to the T-Rex.. and Saturday morning we headed out! 

The idea of over 150 brands all being in one place was kind of overwhelming and it took everything in me not to freak out. When I got to the Blogger Lounge everyone was amazing and RJ was so excited to play I kind of wanted to just let him linger so I didn’t have to go out and face my fears head on. 

Once I actually got out there I walked and walked and one of my first stops was actually Kinderwagon. I’m a petite girl, my toddler likes to be carried, and I’m about to have a newborn. Everyone has been asking me about a double stroller but I’ve seen the double stroller struggle and I just can’t imagine trying to manuever a huge stroller through anywhere. This is why I was immediately drawn to Kinderwagons design. I even made RJ leave the blogger lounge so we could give it a ride on the stroller test track. 

 See how small it is for a double stroller? And it's only 18 lbs! Car seat compatible and all ;) 

See how small it is for a double stroller? And it’s only 18 lbs! Car seat compatible and all 😉 

We loved stopping at the ErgoBaby booth. RJ was a hot natured baby and I’m in search of a carrier that is breathable and will work well for this summer baby. I loved that their new adapt carrier doesn’t require an infant insert and it can transition easily from newborn to a toddler up to 45 pounds. I have a little bit of bump in the way but RJ and daddy tried the carrier out for us. 

The Evenflo feeding booth was on my go-to list before I even arrived at the baby show! As a soon to be second time breastfeeding mama, I’m ALWAYS interested in all things breastfeeding. I’m probably late but I really liked their Occasional Use Single Electric Pump. I had so much more luck with my manual pump the first time around than with the double electric which was just bulky and inconvenient. This is like combining the best of both worlds. 

 Image courtesy of Evenflofeeding.com

Image courtesy of Evenflofeeding.com

You’ve probably caught on that I have a theme kinda going on here. All of the products I fell in love with are things that will make this new mama of two’s life more convenient. I’m happily awaiting the arrival of this baby and I was FOCUSED on finding things that made all our lives easier. Convenience is key when you’re outnumbered! 

Did you attend the New York Baby Show? What were your favorite products? Do your toddlers toys talk you into overcoming your fears too? LOL. 

While this is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are my own. =) 

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