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A Valuable Lesson We Can All Take From Melania Trump’s RNC Speech

Last night, our likely future FLOTUS (ugh! WHY!) Melania Trump took to the stage on the first night of the Republican Nation Convention to deliver a speech that “coincidentally” reminded quite a few people of the speech our current first lady delivered at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

Of course the Trump camp took these allegations with all the grace in which they usually handle situations and denied (DENIED AND DENIED AGAIN!) to the core that any plagiarism was involved. They even went as far as to say that these were “common words and values”.

I wasn’t here for it. And of course #blacktwitter and most of social media took to the ‘innanets’ almost immediately with hashtags and memes that had me CRYING at work all morning. 

GIIIIIIIIIRL! LOL. I think if there’s one thing we can ALL learn from this it’s…. just write your own ish’! How hard could it be if those are truly your values? I mean…. our FLOTUS is the epitome of a first lady so I could understand wanting to copy her but…..the internet doesn’t forget booboo. #BlackTwitter shows NO MERCY. Do better Trump campaign. Or just don’t because… we not checking for you anyway! 

What did you think of Melania’s speech? That question doesn’t even need answering.. LOL. Post the link to your favorite memes from the speech in the comments! xoxo

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