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My First Overnight Away from Baby in the 2016 Mazda3 s Grand Touring

 *Thank you to the amazing people at DriveShop for the opportunity to test drive this beauty for a week in exchange for my review. As always all opinions belong to me :-D*

Before all the holiday madness commenced I went to DC overnight and spent my first night away from RJ since he was born! Almost 14 months old and can you say…. separation anxiety???? I mean… he was fine but me…… as soon as James and I drove away from the house it became apparent just how much this kid is my life. You know on tv when the parents finally get to go on a date without their kid but they spend the whole time talking about him anyway??? Yea, after about an hour of just talking about the baby I realized I needed to focus on enjoying the moment we were in… baby free… because who knows when we’ll get another!  

Our poor car Luna is sooooooo over worked so I was excited when I reached out to Driveshop and got the 2016 Mazda3 to drive for the weekend. And the Soul Red?! Beautiful!

I loved driving this car! Absolutely loved! I’m a small girl so compact cars are my thing when I’m driving alone (rare) and I definitely didn’t mind that it took less than $20 for us to fill up the tank when we were in DC! That’s a super win! 

 This is the closest I've been to the Washington Monument. I was excited.  

This is the closest I’ve been to the Washington Monument. I was excited.  

The Sport mode, the all leather interior with heated seats, and the navigation are only the beginning of all the amazing features the Mazda 3 had to offer. For more information on the Mazda 3 s Grand Touring click here .

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