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How To Shake the Monday's and Make the Most of Your Week

I’m about to give some advice on how to be productive throughout the work week and it’s funny that I’m sitting here ON Monday morning typing this post out. C’est la vie! We’re all a work in progress.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and before anything went right about 20 things went wrong. I had an appointment and left my house right on schedule… walked all the way to the train and then realized I had no wallet. By the time I got back to the station (and missed the train) I would have missed my appointment and therefore didn’t even attempt to head to the city. I’m far from perfect and while I usually have an “everything happens for a reason” mentality and am able to stay positive, I was so frustrated this morning. Things eventually worked themselves out and I was able to reschedule but it made me realize that I need to better prepare for my Monday’s especially. The transition from Sunday to Monday is hard for a lot of people but I’ve come up with some tips to make it a teensy bit smoother. 



1. Prepare in advance.  Because it’s OK to need time for the work week. I have to get ready to tackle the week ahead both mentally and physically because if I try to just wake up Monday and GET READY I definitely won’t BE READY. I need to know (in my head at least) what I’m going to wear, what I’m eating for breakfast, how much time I’m going to need to get ready etc etc. I’m a planner. So be it.

2. Get a good nights sleep. Because Monday and Zombie (or Mombie, in my case) do not mix. If you have to be up at 7 then you have to know you can’t be on Instagram and 2:30am. You can’t function like that. Give your body and brain time to rest. 

3.Don’t hit the snooze button. I know right? It’s like I just cursed lol. The snooze button used to be my best friend but the longer you put off the day, the shorter you have to get ready for it. When your alarm rings just GET UP. And if you work from home then schedule a time to get up. Once your body is used to routine it gets easier. 

4. Hype YOURSELF up. Because nobody is going to motivate you, like you! Sounds corny but it’s a fact. I’m constantly giving myself pep talks or looking up motivational quotes to Pin so I can remind myself throughout the week that I GOT THIS.

5. Pray. It works. There is a peace like no other when you’re able to give your problems to God and allow him to work it out. And don’t just pray when something is wrong or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Pray when you’re happy, when you’re thankful, just pray. Trust me. Your week will go a lot smoother ;).

 AND… If all else fails. Eat bacon….. That’s what I did this morning … Bacon is the cure all #foodisbae. LOL

Love life,


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