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Keeping My Personal Goals in the Midst of all the #RelationshipGoals

If you havent seen the hashtag #relationshipgoals then I’m not sure if you even have social media. It’s definitely a “thing”. People use it on memes of couples, quotes, celebrity couple references, and even their friends relationship pictures. If you see a relationship that you like or read a quote that you want your relationship to be like then #relationshipgoals.

I’m a sucker for love. I love all things romantic and fantastical and pretty. So even IN my relationship I’m always looking for ways to better US because I want to have a “model relationship”. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing to strive for. I want my son to want to love like his parents.

Anywho in the midst of all my #relationshipgoals I became so focused on the “us” that I neglected me. I’m the type to go ALL IN. If I’m succeeding then I want my partner to be right there at my side doing it with me. I’ve just started to take the time to step back and strive for individual goals as well. It’s OK to have personal goals and take time for yourself when you’re in a relationship (not only is it OK it’s NECESSARY). I literally wanted us to be a team with everything. I want to lose the little baby fat that I have so I say “WE need to go to the gym”. No Tanay, YOU need to go to the gym. Your fat isn’t on his body! It’s OK to do it alone. I wanted to get into YouTube so I’d say “WE need to make a video” and then be frustrated if I felt like he wasn’t interested that day. 

I have to focus on things that I want to do for myself and realize that it’s OK to want to do them BY MYSELF. Being a team is great but you self accomplishment is just as important.

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