Meet Tanay

Hey, I’m Tanay!

NYC millennial mom x 3. I’m a 90s baby that loves all things Harry Potter, Disney (I help lead an amazing community for black moms that are also Disney fans!) and avocado toast. Community is how I found the “blogging world” and connection is super important to me. I’m an introvert that loves people and I have BIG travel dreams that I love sharing with my different audiences.

About My Family


I fell in love with my best friend at 20 years old and we have been together ever since. He came into my life at the perfect moment, saved me from myself and waited patiently for me to rediscover who I am. He plays a lot of behind the scenes roles over here from helping me with creative ideas, to being my photographer but he’s mostly my biggest supporter.


The baby that introduced me to the blog world. When I got pregnant in 2014 I spent hours searching for community online. I wasn’t sure if I would know how to be a good mom, but this 7 year old continuously teaches me. Whether he is expressing his love of dinosaurs I can’t even name, reading some of his favorite books to me or draining me with his endless energy he is definitely my loving child. He is an empath like mama, and the sweetest big brother.


My middle little. Everything I ever doubted about horoscopes, Zayn reminded me of by living up to his true Gemini personality. He is my sour patch kid. The little boy that loves cars and trucks. He is a daredevil and 100% fearless. He’s basically the kid they remind you to bolt the furniture to the wall for. And after a full day of rough exploration, he wants to do nothing else but cuddle, with any of his family.


My rainbow baby. Brielle is just the amount of sweetness we needed in our wild and crazy lives. Her pregnancy was the roughest one and postpartum has been interesting in multiple ways. Though she be but little, she is fierce. She has the entire house wrapped around her tiny fingers before even turning one. She is the baby we all (especially her oldest brother) prayed for.

About Life with Tanay

Starting as a hobby in 2014, Life with Tanay has evolved into a full family lifestyle site. From where to go, to what to watch we aim to share content that will make your family life a little bit easier and a lot a bit sweeter! We strive to provide a platform of well rounded content with hopes that you can find everything you need all in one place. Community is our main message, and we hope you get that sense while you’re here.

For questions, comments or just to say hey, check out my contact page here! You can also follow along with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. For sponsorships, brand collaborations, or to view my media kit please direct all inquiries to