Are you just trying to get me to talk about myself?? Because if you are, I will gladly do so! – Tamatoa, Moana

Hey my loves! *Monique Voice*. Thanks for coming to learn more about me! I’m Tanay (if you couldn’t guess). I’m an introvert with a big mouth & an even bigger heart. I love Harry Potter, big words, and I’m a hopeless romantic that spends all my coins at Target. I’m super awkward when I take pictures so I spend a lot of times taking selfies because I cant deal with people looking at me LOL. I’m pretty much a super millennial mom =). 

Welcome to my corner of the interwebz. 

I became my best self in 2014 after we gave birth to what we thought was our “wild child” RJ. He has the biggest personality ever and I tweet about him often. He is an animal lover and can name more dinosaurs than I can even pronounce. Zayn made his entrance the summer of 2017  & gave our wild child a run for his money! He’s a fearless toddler and spends most of his days torturing his big brother and dancing to videos on YouTube.

Life with Tanay has grown and evolved into a parenting and entertaining site connecting with women of all ages, some moms and some not. The mission of Life with Tanay is to provide relatable content and experiences in real time. We love to share our life and stories in and out of NYC but when we aren’t blogging you can find all of us spending way too much time watching Netflix, Disney Junior or exploring YouTube. 

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