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I seriously cannot believe I have a 6 week old. The freakin time has flown & before we know it school will be starting (I know it started for some people) and it’ll be the holidays. I love the holidays btw so I can’t wait. 

We’ve been spending a lot  time adjusting to being a family of 4 and I’ve been open to all options when it comes to finding ways to reduce time in doing everyday tasks.

*cues dinner*. With two kids under 3, one being a newborn making ANY meal takes 10000 times longer than it did before. One of the main things they tell you before giving birth is to freeze meals. Yea…. no. I didn’t have (read:make) the time to do that. 

I was sooooo excited when these Hello Fresh meals showed up at my doorstep. I was about to get to 

– try new recipes that I wouldn’t have usually made 

– make meals in 40 minutes or less

– not worry about where any of the ingredients came from since Hello Fresh uses only quality and fresh ingredients

Another thing that makes Hello Fresh a MAJOR time saver is that all of the ingredients come pre-measured. I got 3 meals in my family box (the have so many plans to choose from) and everything was measured out so that I made enough for 4 servings per meal. Didn’t have to worry about measuring or “having enough” because everything is inside the boxes and each meal is separated. Oh! And all the recipes come on these cute recipe cards so whatever you make, if you love it you can redo it! We KILLED our first two meals and I didn’t even get to photograph them they were THAT GOOD. 

I seriously could not get over how fast and easy everything was to make and how GOOD it was. It definitely beat eating out (something we’ve been really guilty of since baby came) and I had fun trying new recipes and working with a few ingredients I hadn’t previously (lemongrass??? that was new!)

Excuse my Siracha drizzling, definitely wasn’t the cutest! HAHA. 

Hello Fresh has definitely saved my life postpartum and I can’t wait to try another box! If you’re interested in trying it out make sure you visit and use code TANAY30 to receive $30 off your first box! Trust me you won’t regret it!

How did you save time post-partum? Have you tried Hello Fresh? 

I was provided this box complimentary by Hello Fresh in exchange for my honest review but all opinions as always are my own! 

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