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I had the opportunity to visit Bonefish Grill about a week ago (*hits shmoney dance*..LOL) and lets just say… I was less than impressed. Bonefish Grill is a casual dining seafood chain restaurant something like… Red Lobster minus the cheddar biscuits. 

My cousin wanted to go out and celebrate her birthday the last Friday in June and since everyone (or just me?) loves food, restaurant ventures are always fun for me. I had never been to Bonefish Grill prior to this but a quick Yelp search left me confused (does that only happen to me?). I can never trust Yelp when it comes to mixed reviews because they are all either 0 or 100 there’s never an in between. But, I am a pretty fair and easily pleased person when it comes to food (Olive Garden is one of my favorite chain restaurants) so I knew two things for certain; Not to have TOO HIGH expectations and that I had to give it a try myself.


The restaurant itself is really nice. I love good vibes and I definitely felt like I was about to enjoy my experience when I arrived. That’s when the downward spiral commenced.

– Our reservation was at 9.. we were seated at 9:45 and it wasn’t even crowed. Not that big of a deal because when you’re in good company you don’t stress about small things like time. Everyone was just looking forward to eat. I was starving!

– We had two waitresses for our party of 8.. who I guess decided they no longer wanted to serve us after taking half of the drink orders.. proceeded to pass the table to someone else … who then told us the waitresses had left for the day as we watched them serve other tables. STRANGE! But again… it was a birthday, no biggie!

– I will say that the bread and basil pesto they serve to every table is really good. I had to verify that it wasn’t just my extreme hunger taking over, because did I mention I was STARVING?

– I wasn’t impressed with the food portions either. A tablespoon of mashed potatoes, 2 small crab cakes and a sirloin which was ordered medium but cooked well done. #FOODFAIL. There’s nothing I hate more than food disappointment. You know when you’re super hungry and you’re looking forward to your meal and it’s just ALL wrong. UGH. *inserts tears*  

 Oh wait, 1 crab cake? I don't even remember anymore. Lol
Oh wait, 1 crab cake? I don’t even remember anymore. Lol

And I honestly could rant about the continuous fails, lack of customer service, just bad experience for much much longer but then you’d stop reading. Just know I was thoroughly unimpressed. As far as Yelp! goes for these reviews, I’d probably side more on the negative side. I was not excited. 

I’d still give Bonefish Grill another chance because other than the complete lack of good customer service, the food was pretty good. I’ll give them the benefit of doubt and say that the bad experience stemmed from it being the end of the week as well as the end of the day. It could happen. Nobody’s perfect. 

 At least I got a cute selfie out of it, and in the grand scheme of things that's all that matters. LOL
At least I got a cute selfie out of it, and in the grand scheme of things that’s all that matters. LOL

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