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Top 5 Must Haves for an Amazing Curlfest Experience!

This past Saturday I attended Curlfest for the first time! It was amazing! I loved being in the presence of so much good vibes, fun music, amazing vendors and of course the #blackgirlmagic was on 1000! Since it was my first time I really had no idea what to expect and I can’t lie I was super unprepared. Nonetheless, I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back next year, but imma make sure I have my life together before I go! Hence, this post! I’m about to tell you all the things you need/need to do to make sure you have an amazing Curlfest experience! 

1. Register/RSVP early & get the Early Bird ticket. 

I missed out on all the swag cause I’m slow LOL. Even though I knew about the event super far in advance I had no idea when the tickets went on sale and when I did go to look.. sold out! Whomp whomp! You can stay up to date by following Curly Girl Collective on their website and social media. TRUUUUUUUST me it’s worth it!

2. Get there EARLY! 

I’m pretty sure this was the most crowded I’ve ever seen Prospect Park EVER! There were TONS of vendors out this weekend and the line was LONG for every one! A lot of vendors were giving out samples of products and if you wanna grab some then you gotta be there early to get it! Some vendors even ran out of products they were selling! 

3. Come picnic ready! 

I think this may have been the thing I regretted the most. While it was fun being close to the stage, there actually came a point where I was just ready to SIT and I was jealous of all the people that knew to bring blankets. Plus it was HOT and people were out there with their coolers and drinks and I was shelling out money every hour to stay cool and hydrated. I had the baby with me too and I’m sure he would’ve appreciated an umbrella or being able to lay out without being in the car seat. Next year I’m going to definitely be ready on that front! 

4. Have a lot of cash! 

Between vendors and food/drink/icees, you’re going to need the money. I know we live in the age of technology but cash is so much easier especially when dealing with money in these types of situations. Plus, some vendors were accepting cash only so if you didn’t have it, then you missed out on purchasing products. You’re in the middle of the park so its not exactly atm equipped! 

5. Bring your #blackgirlmagic and come ready to TURN UP!

The music and the vibes were great all day! I didn’t know what to expect but I had so much fun just dancing and laughing with everyone before I even checked out the vendors. You definitely have to come ready to enjoy yourself. It was such a great time and I can’t wait for next year! 

 I have no idea how he slept through the music LOL. Newborn life... he wasn't ready for the turn up.

I have no idea how he slept through the music LOL. Newborn life… he wasn’t ready for the turn up.

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