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I Took Off My SuperMom Cape… & Got My Sanity Back!

First things first, did ya’ll know Merriam-Webster has an ACTUAL definition in their online dictionary for Supermom?! 

Full Definition of supermom

  1. :  an exemplary mother; also :  a woman who performs the traditional duties of housekeeping and child-rearing while also having a full-time job

MIND BLOWN! Wasn’t expecting to see that.

If you follow me on any of my social media (and if you don’t then… why not?!) then you’ve seen in my bio I am a self proclaimed Superhero. I pride myself on being the next Wonderwoman. Literally holding it down and doing it all from working, to mommy-ing, to blogging, cleaning, to just flat out killing it in this adulting game! I am a perfectionist at heart and I DO NOT take to failure. I DON’T QUIT.


I honestly didn’t expect to feel the burnout but it happened…. quick! I slowly started to feel myself sinking under the weight of my own expectations & everything and everyone suffered. I went from loving everyday to just being happy everyone made it through the day alive, fed and that the baby was happy. I could NOT figure out how to get back to being (read: feeling) Supermom. I did NOT have my ish together. Soooooooo I sought out help. HOW CAN I DO IT ALL?!

And I thank baby Jesus for friends like Dani (even if she is only my virtual friend, in my head lmao).  I honestly didn’t realize how ridiculous I was being until I saw her response (behind all that sarcasm is pure amazingness I tell you!). NO ONE can do it all. The expectations I had for myself NO ONE ELSE had! My 1 year old could care less how many times I mop/clean/sanitize because he’s fed, clothed, and played with EVERYDAY and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse never goes off!. Everyday we get through is a blessing and all we can do is make sure we get through the next. Perfection doesn’t exist. You create the life you want and work towards your dreams. 

I’m not sinking under the pressure of my own crazy expectations anymore. I’ve found a balance that FOR NOW works. And I took all the Superhero stuff out of my bios. I’m not superhuman. But I’m an amazing me! 

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