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#dearyoungmom – The Introduction

#dearyoungmom is a weekly series featuring advice, tips, motivation and inspiration for young mothers. I am by no means an expert, just a fellow young mommy offering my advice through personal experience. The goal is to remind other young mothers that you are not alone!

When I first started blogging I didn’t really have a purpose. I just wanted to have people to talk to and because I’m so introverted blogging was a great way to make “friends”. Now when I blog I think about all the people that may or may not come into contact with my writing and I think more about blogging with purpose. 

Encouraging young moms is so important to me. I’d go as far as saying its a passion. Whenever I think about what I want to do, it’s always one of the first things I think about. I’m a firm believer if you can’t stop thinking about something you need to pursue it.

So this is my first #dearyoungmom post. The first of many. If you have a question… Ask me.   Need  someone to talk to? Connect with me.  I’m here for you. Because I needed someone there for me. And sometimes it’s hard to find people. But you’re not in this alone!  

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