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The things we hear as boy moms never cease to amaze me. I used to think that the internet was the land of unsolicited comments. And while it is, have you ever been walking down the street with your two children of the same sex and got these sad looks from strangers? Almost as if you guys are walking around with some type of plague that only appears in the eyes of those who don’t even freakin’ know you. I am slowly but surely coming to terms with the fact that people just love to talk.

I love being a mom. But for some reason people, strangers or not love to act like you were cursed by the gods when you have children that are all the same sex. Yes I am a mom to two little boys. No I am not suffering because of it. And if you could keep your lame, unwanted comments to yourself, our days will both be a little bit brighter. But the things boy moms hear? Oh good grief. Here are 10 things this mom of boys would love for you to keep to yourself.

10 Things Boy Moms Hear (That You Could Probably Keep to Yourself)

You’re going to try for a girl now right? And you’re an adult right? Do I have to explain to you how reproduction works?

Oh my gosh, are they twins? Fine this isn’t gender specific but dang! They’re 3 years apart!!! LOL

Boys are easier than girls anyway! Yea? Is all YOUR furniture still intact? Don’t expect anywhere to sit at my house.

Boys love their mamas! I’m sure little girls do too. Also, daddy is king in this house. I’m just here to wipe butts and get the snacks.

You’ve got your hands full! You know you have to raise ALL children, right?

“He’s a boy!” Usually to excuse some type of wild, unsafe behavior. Okay cool he’s a boy. And I’m not a doctor, nor do I want to spend the day in the ER.

At least you won’t have to deal with drama! Ummmm have you met any 5 year old boys lately? Also, as someone with a whole handful of younger brothers (literally) I can say with confidence that this is NOT true.

Awwww both boys? Sorry… Uhhhhhhh thanks? I’m not? I actually kinda like them…..

They’re going to break so many hearts! I hope not.

At least boys are cheaper than girls! You’re joking right? Game systems, sneakers, electronics! We don’t get away with baby dolls and nail polish! These boys are expensive EARLY. No coins saved over here!

And while I can’t relate to the other side of the spectrum I can only imagine what it’s like to be a mom of all girls (my friend Tania over at LolaLambchops could probably school you on that!). Children are a blessing people! Even when all those children identify the same. Just keep your thoughts in your head. Please and thank you!

Are you a mom to all boys? All girls? Twins? What are some things you’re tired of hearing as a mom? Sound off in the comments!

Can you relate? Just need a laugh? Save this for later!

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