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I have taken plenty of courses and downloaded ebook after ebook that promised me if I did XYZ then I’d grow my following from 0 to 60 in 2.5. All have been pretty similar in their different marketing strategies promising if I followed their rules then I’d crack the Instagram algorithm or my Pinterest views to my blog would be through the roof. Though some courses have helped it wasn’t until I realized the ONE thing (almost) none of these courses were preaching as hard as marketing. 


I work a FULL time job. I go to work from 3:30 am to noon(ish). I also have a toddler in school, and exclusively breastfeed my 4 month old. I still try to schedule and share the heck out of my content, interact on social media and post new and relevant content for…… anyone who may be reading. Of course there have been (too many) times I’ve “given up” but I always find my fingers to the keys and the cursor clicking “new post”. 

I WANT this thing. I’m INVESTED in it. Blogging is my PASSION. And after a full day of life in the “real world” passion is sometimes the only fuel that keeps me going. PASSION has me typing this post on my MacBook with one hand while I use the other to hold my nursing son & watch Netflix with his brother. PASSION is what makes me spend money month after month investing in this because I know when it hits, the overflow is going to be sooooooo worth it. 

I couldn’t still be doing this without passion. I’m begging you to find your passion, invest in it, and be amazing! No eCourse in the world can teach you that.

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