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6 Things You STILL Need to do Daily For Your Blog

For some people blogging everyday is a piece of cake. For me, I’m happy if I get to shower everyday LOL (joking, kinda!). I could easily push out a couple B.S. posts a week but I realized really quickly in the blogging world that it’s quality over quantity! Creating good content that is actually worth reading isn’t something that I have time to do everyday and I’m sure my readers appreciate it more when my posts look like I actually put effort into them.

Anywho, if you’re looking to grow your blog or blog for more than a hobby, then creating your own posts is only the beginning! I’m about to fill you in on some things you need to be doing daily (yes daily!) to continue to grow your blog readership and keep people engaged with your content.

1. Share your blog posts. Everyday! Multiple times a day! Nobody is going to promote you like you can. You have to be your own biggest fan in this blog world and put yourself out there.

2. Be active on social media. Social media is so so important in multiple ways. Not only does it help get your content seen, it puts you in front of a broader audience and helps you to build relationships with other people in your niche or readers who can just relate to your content. Searching hashtags that interest you or relate to your blog definitely helps to find like-minded thinkers and people who will most likely enjoy what you have to say.

3. Participate in Facebook groups. A big part of blogging is community! It’s sooo easy to make friends through blogging and who better to support you than your friends?! The right Facebook groups are full of information, resources and amazing people to help keep you on track when it comes to all your blogging goals.

4. Work on your blog. Just because you can’t get a post out doesn’t mean you just shouldn’t look at your blog at all. Reply to comments, update your sidebar, work on SEO. Blogging is work and just like your 9-5 there’s always something you can be doing! Create good habits now so that when the REAL work comes in, you won’t be confused and feel overloaded!

5. Share other people’s content! Because everyone can use some good blog karma and what goes around comes around. Plus, sharing content from other bloggers is a great way to get other people to take notice of your page as well! Work smart 😉

6. Have fun! Because even though it’s work, if you don’t enjoy it then it’s all for nothing. You might as well keep the easier (but more life-sucking) job that you hate that makes guaranteed money! Blogging is definitely not for the faint at heart and my philosophy is do it with passion or don’t do it at all!

What are some things that you do daily to stay active in the “blog world?”

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