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    Is LEGOLAND Florida Toddler Friendly? – #LEGOLAND Review

    My family and I received complimentary admission to LEGOLAND Florida in exchange for our honest review. All fun was had by us, and all opinions expressed are my own ;). 

    When we planned Zayn’s birthday trip honestly I had RJ in mind. I really wanted to take him to LEGOLAND because he LOVES all things LEGO. He begs me to take him to the LEGO store EVERY mall trip, he watches LEGO shorts on Kids YouTube and he has a good amount of LEGO books. I knew we had to make the trip there during our vacation. 

    LEGOLAND actually isn’t in Orlando, unbeknownst to me. It was about a 45 minute drive from our hotel in Winter Haven, Florida. We packed the kids into the rental, and made the trip without telling RJ where we were headed. I wish I had the footage of when we arrived to the park. He literally started singing “Everything is Awesome” and sang it from the parking lot through the gates. 

    With such small kids, my main concern was would the 45 minute drive from Orlando to LEGOLAND actually be worth it? Would they be able to do anything? Was I setting myself up for toddler meltdowns???

    The trip was 100% worth it! LEGOLAND is designed for kids ages 2-12 and I knew that from looking at the website before making our decision to go. When they designed the park, their littlest LEGO lovers definitely weren’t forgotten and I LOVED that about the park. From the mini splash pad, to kiddie coasters and indoor spaces designed just for toddlers to take a break from the blazing temps, LEGOLAND has it ALL and you won’t regret taking even your youngest children there. 

    RJ honestly loved LEGOLAND more than Disney and when we came back everyone kept asking “did you go to Disney World?” and he responded “Yea but I went to LEGOLAND!” almost every single time. We didn’t even check out the water park side (which I’m sure he would’ve loved because he is OBSESSED with water parks) and for him it is still the most memorable part of his trip. I’m considering taking him back for his 4th birthday in October and staying at the resort because I know he would absolutely LOVE it. 

    What’s the best advice I’d give for your visit?

    – Go during the week. While I was sharing on social media during our trip via instastories a lot of people mentioned to us how they loved it there but the lines were long. We went on a Friday and the lines had virtually NO wait. RJ rode a few rides back to back without having to wait in line. 

    – Bring your own water bottle. There are a lot of water fountains around the park and Coke freestyle machines that they let us refill with water for free! It came in handy because it was HOT and the boys wanted to drink NONSTOP.

    – Get there early. When we first got to the park I thought it small and it definitely STRETCHED way beyond what I imagined. Also, there are 2 parks so you want to make sure you have ample time to visit both. 

    – Get your child pre-measured. While lots of rides are for littles there are some designed for the bigger kids to enjoy and some rides do have height restrictions. LEGOLAND has the great option to get pre-measured so that your child doesn’t have to go through being measured and turned away after waiting in the line. 

    The boys had an amazing day at LEGOLAND and I definitely want to take them back. I can easily see how people spend multiple days there and I cant wait to check out their themed hotel! It was definitely worth the drive from Orlando and we had a quiet, nap-filled ride back! 

    Have you ever been to LEGOLAND? What’s your favorite amusement park for your littles? 


    The Suite Life! |Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa

      My family and I were hosted for 2 nights at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed belong to me ;). 


    If you don’t know it is ALL DISNEY, ALL THE TIME in our house. I wanted to take RJ to Disney for his birthday last year but timing didn’t work out and I chickened out with taking Zayn while he was only 3 months old. So this year, our plans were SET. Disney for Zayn’s first birthday because we were ALL ready to go. RJ had started asking, I’ve never been, we were ready. I googled for MONTHS about what to do, where to go, how to get there, what to wear what to eat, but most importantly I had to know where to stay. I knew we would see more than Disney on this trip and while I know there are amazing benefits to staying on Disney property, I just wasn’t sure if we were ready for that. 

    *Enter Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa*

    When I came across LBV resorts condo style suites online I IMMEDIATELY fell in love. If we can, I try to stay in suites whenever we vacation for multiple reasons. The comfort, space and amenities definitely make it worth it and more often than not the location is ideal. Our resort was located right next to Lake Buena Vista Factory stores so when we realized last minute that we didn’t shop for RJ’s stepping up ceremony which was the day after we got back, we walked over to Osh Kosh and got the kids cute clothes at outlet price! In case you need further convincing, here is a complete breakdown of why you need to reserve your next Orlando stay at Lake Buena Visit Resort Village and Spa.


    I already told you that the resort is located right next to the outlets, but Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa is centrally located close to many of the must see attractions/parks in Orlando. Our first night we drove to Disney Springs, the outdoor shopping complex at Walt Disney World Resort. It was about a 15 minute drive to most attractions, and the resort is also close to many restaurants, and we saw a few other outlets close by. 

    All Suite Style Rooms

    The rooms at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa are BEAUTIFUL. My photography really doesn’t do it justice. The resort features all suite style rooms of different sizes. Each suite includes a full kitchen and a private balcony. There was ample space for our family and we only ended up sleeping in one room (cosleeping problems). The extra spacious suites definitely give the feeling of being at home and would be perfect for families. 

    Outdoor Pool & Bar

    While neither of my kids are swimmers, they both think they can. THE FIRST thing we did after checking out the room was head to the pool located on the resorts property. The boys loved the pirate ship (which actually has a slide if you can tell from my picture) and I loved all the outside seating available. There is also a bar located on the pool deck that serves drinks, ice cream and different “bar type” foods. I definitely went there by myself when I had a VERY BRIEF free moment ;). 

    On-Site Dining & Grocery 

    We went out to dinner our first night but the second night after had a long day at Magic Kingdom, no one felt like going back out. The Pizza Hut express was perfect for all of us to grab something quick to eat. RJs favorite food is pizza and daddy was able to get pasta. Plus there was a fully stocked grocery section in case you needed to grab anything to cook in your full kitchen! We weren’t really grocery-minded but I wish I would’ve remembered to head down there when I realized that I had forgot to bring deodorant. They literally had EVERYTHING. 

    Customer Service

    All in all, the customer service at Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa made the trip even more special. The concierge was available to answer all the thousands of questions that I had being a Disney newbie, we were able to check in early without there being a lag in service and the smiles were genuine and didn’t feel forced. Even with the resort being as beautiful as it was if the customer service was poor, it would’ve ruined the experience so I’m glad that was not the case. Everyone was more than willing to help us out at all points of our stay and I was so grateful for that. 

    We had an amazing experience at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa and it made our first family trip to Disney even more magical. I’m so grateful for our experience and I would definitely stay here again, check out the spa, and maybe even take an adult trip =). 

    Have you ever stayed on a resort that was off Disney property? Where do you Disney?