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    You Haven’t Seen #TheGrinch Like This Before

    My family attended an advanced screening of The Grinch. All opinions expressed belong to us! 🙂

    This past Tuesday was a busy day for me. Not only did I go check out Mickey: The True Original Exhibition, but we took the boys to an advanced screening of Illumination’s new version of The Grinch. I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard there was going to be ANOTHER Grinch movie I rolled my eyes HARD. How many remakes can they make of the same freakin’ movie? But once the trailer dropped, I easily changed my mind.

    4 Reasons This Version of The Grinch is Different Than Any Version You’ve Seen Before

    Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

    This is Universal and Illumination’s eighth movie together. Once I saw the trailer I immediately knew this version of The Grinch would be different. Illumination and Universal have brought us some of RJ’s favorite movies like Minions, Despicable Me, SING and Secret Life of Pets. ALL movies he can quote and movies I don’t mind playing on repeat (ok, I get a little tired of Minions LOL).

    Tyler the Creator

    I can’t even pretend like I know a lot about Tyler the Creator, but I know he’s respected in the music genre (which is a lot nowadays because…. these kids…). You can hear a little bit of his music in the original trailer but a complete lyric trailer was released and well, i’ll let you be the judge of it. You’ve never heard “You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch” like this before.

    Cindy Lou Who

    Little Cindy Lou is a different kind of girl. I love that in this version of The Grinch you get a good look into Whoville and the personality of some of the Who’s. All Cindy Lou is focused on is making her mother’s (shoutout to the nod to single mom’s!) life a little bit easier this holiday season and she is DETERMINED to speak to Santa and do just that.

    The Grinch

    The Grinch himself is different than any Grinch we’ve seen before. He’s still his grumpy, green, grinchy self but you can tell there’s a soft spot underlying, even before his heart grows! He also has a HUGE amount of awesome gadgets that he invented to make cave life a little less boring and it was cool seeing what he came up with when it was time to steal Christmas from Whoville.

    Will you be checking out this version of The Grinch movie? What’s your favorite holiday movie?


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