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    Toddler Approved | Laser Bounce is Now Open in Atlas Park, Queens!

    If you’re wondering whether the new Laser Bounce location in Atlas Park is appropriate for toddlers then the answer is a resounding YES! We decided to visit the newly opened location during mid-winter recess to check it out and RJ had a BLAST! 

    Laser bounce features a HUGE Ballocity Arena which gives the kids a chance to propel, throw, dump and vacuum foam balls. The arena is multi-level and features a huge variety of blasters, vacuums and even has a slide. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of balls in the arena and there was plenty of space to run around. Some of the vacuums/blasters were a little loud and RJ was startled initially but he got used to it pretty quickly.

    The Bounce Arena had multiple bouncy houses including a basketball themed bounce house and a huge inflatable wack-a-mole. Anyone that knows RJ knows jumping is his THING. He wanted to stay in the bounce arena for a lot longer but we wanted to make sure he tried out multiple areas of the arcade since we purchased the package that also included arcade credits, highway 66 bowling and the ballocity and bounce arenas for $20. 

    I didnt get to take that many additional photos because once RJ wasn’t in a confined area he was OUT! Luckily for us we went on a day that wasn’t super crowded and I suspect it was because not many people realized the location was open yet but its been a few weeks since then and I’m sure word has definitely spread. Luckily, the do split up the time in the Ballocity and Bounce Arena into sessions so that it’s not a free for all and I’m sure that reduces the crowding in the areas. 

    Aside from everything mentioned, the location also has a huge laser tag arena, a mission impossible style laser maze, hologate VR and a huge selection of arcade games. While the first couple things I just mentioned may not work exactly for younger ones, a lot of the arcade games were perfect for RJs size. I loved that there were a lot of games he could play and didn’t really need my help which is hard to find in an arcade at 3 (minus Chuck E. Cheese) 

    All in all this location has a wide array of things to do and they have packages that are priced amazingly! I can’t wait to take RJ back. It’s definitely a great place to have your littles burn off some energy and enjoy a nice quiet car ride home. 

    For more information on Laser Bounce at Atlas Park feel free to visit their website here

    Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. I used my own coins to pay for our package and am simply giving an honest review based on our experience at this location. I definitely can’t wait to check them out again! 


    A Whole New Way to Experience Santa! – Santa HQ Queens Center Mall

    My family and I were invited to an exclusive preview of Santa HQ in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

    If you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas. I count down the days until next Christmas starting December 26th, its that real. I love everything about the holiday and when I had RJ I couldn’t wait until he was old enough to take pictures with Santa. 

    HGTV has REALLY stepped up the Santa experience and made the dreaded wait in the mall line worth it! Santa HQ takes you through an interactive experience which allows kids to be scanned at the Naughty or Nice O’Meter, check out Santa’s world through special tablets and even download the Elf Ray Vision app to get a sneak peak at what Santa’s elves are working on in 3D in designated areas throughout Santa HQ. 

    IMG_2401 from Tanay Howard on Vimeo.

    The whole experience is truly amazing and we’ve been 2 years in a row now because kids are so hands on and the experience is WORTH IT! Check out some additional pictures below. 

    Santa HQ is open from November 10 through December 24 and is located on Level 2, Center Court. For hours, to make reservations, or how you can have breakfast with Santa check out all the information here

    IMG_2396 from Tanay Howard on Vimeo.

    Are you taking pictures with Santa this year? Have you been to Santa HQ? As always, love your thoughts down below in the comments! xoxo


    21+?? You Definitely Need to Have Your Next Party at Bowlmor Chelsea Piers

    I was invited to attend a Private Holiday Preview Party at Bowlmor @ Chelsea Piers as a guest. All opinions expressed as always, belong to me. =)

    It is a rarity that I get out of the house without children so when Shaye invited me and Saisha to go with her to Bowlmor’s private preview party I probably got dressed like 2 weeks in advance. HAHA. Seriously, I was excited to have a girls night and get out minus chasing a toddler or awkward breastfeeding aerobics in public. I had SO much fun and I’m convinced everyone needs to host a party there AT LEAST once. I’m about to tell you why.

    The food is SO GOOD. 

    No seriously. If you know me you know I LOVE to eat and Bowlmor didn’t disappoint with the typical pizza and soda options. I think I messaged Saisha about the food the DAY BEFORE. They have a variety of different menu options and I was excited that the flyer said GOURMET food. You can choose from BBQ picnic style, ice cream and dessert bars, Italian food and soooo much more. Ever seen that Insider video of the Behemoth Burger??

    Yup, thats at Bowlmor. 

    You can do more than just bowl. 

    Because I’m horrible at bowling. But they have laser tag, an arcade, a bar, I’m pretty sure I saw pool and my favorite was the gravity ropes course. I had ALL the liquid courage that night and even though I had a mini heart attack once I got up there it was A LOT of fun. Also, we lost our game of laser tag but everyone was in such a good mood we didn’t take the loss TOO hard. Well, Shaye kinda did HAHA.

    Even though you’re playing like a kid, the atmosphere is definite adult vibes. 

    They have private rooms with cute couches, multiple bars and an all around cozy and adult feel. It was way different than any bowling setting I’ve ever been in. I definitely was expecting the bright light and sticky floor experience that I remember having in one of my elementary school birthday parties. NOTHING like that. Seriously, laid back. And they play really good music. 

    If you suck at bowling like I do, you’ll be having too much fun to even care. 

    Seriously, the scores were sad. But I had so much fun eating and laughing that I didn’t even care. Everyone from the staff to the other guests were just there for a good time and the vibes were amazing all night. I definitely want to go back, maybe for a date night? 

    Interested yet? Make sure you check out Shaye’s post over on ViciousQuipster if you need more convincing. You definitely need to plan your next party at Bowlmor and if you do make sure you use code SWEETGIFT17 to get a $20 gift card for each guest and free dessert for your entire party! Have you been to Bowlmor? Are you excited to go? Let me know what you think in the comments. xoxo