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    15 Black Mommy Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram in 2019

    image via @tanaymichele

    An article was released recently on TimeOut of the “The Best Instagram Accounts from Dad and Mommy bloggers to follow in 2019”. It was shared in a group of other bloggers that I’m in and before I even clicked it I already knew what the list was going to look like. We can make excuses and say “well they only featured 8 accounts” or “they couldn’t show everybody” and that’s fine if that’s what y’all have time for, but I don’t. In this great year of our lord and savior 2019, we have to stop asking for a seat at the table and buy, assemble and elevate our own! TimeOut’s list was cute, but that’s not my list. That’s not representative of the faces I see when I scroll my feed, and the women/men that motivate me.

    We’re out here world schooling, and attachment parenting and living our best green lives just like everyone else. If anything we look up to each other even more now because our generation is parenting SO DIFFERENTLY than the ones that came before us. We’re open to learning and doing and growing. We’re just out here trying to keep out chakras aligned, glow up, create healthy coparenting relationships and manifest the best lives possible for our children.

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    LAUNCH Trampoline Park is Open in Queens and It’s Everything We Needed! – #launchtrampolinepark

    My family and I received a free jump session at the newly opened LAUNCH Trampoline Park in Queens, NY. All opinions expressed are my own.  

    FINALLY! LAUNCH Trampoline Park has come to Queens and it is everything we needed in the boroughs! I loved indoor trampoline parks BEFORE I had kids but now, they’re a whole different kind of experience. An experience that I definitely appreciate but one that I just couldn’t drag myself all the way out to exit 800839924 on the LIE for, not with two toddlers. 

    Soooooo when I saw LAUNCH was opening up right in Queens I COULD. NOT. WAIT. Y’all know RJ is ACTIVE and I knew this would be right up their alley, so I was excited we got to head in Tuesday night to check out the facilities and get in a 90 minute jump session. 

    If you’ve been to an indoor trampoline park before, then you’re aware that when you arrive you come in, and sign waivers before you head to the counter and pay for your jump session. The waiver and check in process was seamless for us as it wasn’t too busy, but it does look like they have the front area set up in a controlled manner for when the chaos does kick in (like next week when theres no school!). If you want to expedite that process even further, you could always fill out your waiver before hand online and that would definitely save you time on a busy afternoon. After waivers, you get socks, pay for your session and then you head up to the jump area which is HUGE.

    With a huge main main jump arena, LAUNCH has plenty of space for jumpers of all ages. The boys were able to run and jump freely without being in the way of any of the bigger kids (and adults) that were jumping a little more…. exuberantly (LOL) than they were. They also have multiple dodgeball courts, a jump basketball arena for adults (and multiple heights for kids in the main arena), a rock climbing wall, a battle beam AND a obstacle course. When you add that in with the arcade games and concession area, LAUNCH truly has something for everybody. You could easily spend the day here if your children have the same endless energy mine do. Check out more pictures from our evening at the park, and to see more of the facilities.

    I am so happy LAUNCH came to queens and it is definitely the perfect place for families, especially with temperatures starting to drop in NYC. If you head over to their website, you can sign up for a session online and receive 10% off your first jump! Also, if you aren’t already, follow me on Instagram and check out my NYC and Mom Life highlights & you can check out some adorable kiddie videos from our night there.

    So what do you think? Are you going to be heading to LAUNCH? Have you been there already?


    The EVERYTHING Guide to NYC During the Holidays

    The holiday magic is endless in the city that never sleeps! Most days I want to escape the busyness of NYC for somewhere quiet and rural but that is NEVER the case during the holidays. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else this time of year because the magic in the city is ENDLESS. NYC is an extremely popular place for tourists visits and its such a big city it can seem overwhelming. Im here to organize your life and hopefully make it seem a little less chaotic so you have everything you need when it comes to visiting the Big Apple during Christmastime.

    The Trees

      Image via Rockefeller Center

    Image via Rockefeller Center

    The tree at Rockefeller Center is probably one of the most popular trees in NYC during Christmas. I honestly look forward to them bringing the tree into the city every year and the tree lighting which usually happens after Thanksgiving, along with a huge show. It’s truly the holiday tree of NYC. But it isn’t the only tree great for photo ops! You may want to check out some of these other trees as well. The tree at South Street Seaport is beautiful and you can usually get closer (bundle up! it’s always colder near the water!).

    Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree – Between W 48th and W 51st Streets

    The Tree at South Street Seaport – @ South and Fulton Street

    Holiday Tree at Bryant Park – Sixth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Street

    Lincoln Square Christmas Tree – Broadway and 63rd Street

    The Shows

      Image via Blue Man Group

    Image via Blue Man Group

    I remember seeing the commercials for all kinds of Christmas shows on Broadway from being a little girl. I’ve always wanted to see one and I have YET to experience it even though I’ve lived in the city for the whole 28 years of my life. One of my main goals as a parent is to give my children the memories I don’t have, and that includes at Christmas. Though you can probably google and find loads of different versions of The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol, these holiday shows are usually at the top of the to do list when it comes to what to see.

    Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes – Radio City Music Hall November 12th – January 1st

    The Hip Hop Nutcracker – New Jersey Performing Arts Center / December 14th

    Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas – The Hulu Theater @ MSG / December 13th – 30th

    Ice Skating

      Photo via Bryant Park Corp.

    Photo via Bryant Park Corp.

    Skating is fun year round, but skating during the holidays is something different. I try to go ice skating every year because 1. I love to skate, and 2. skating with the holiday decorations up is amazing. There are plenty of indoor rinks to check out but if you want to go skating with a holiday view, these three rinks are amazing for that purpose.

    The Rink at Rockefeller Center – 5th Ave between 49th and 50th Streets

    The Rink at Winter Village at Bryant Park – between 40th and 42nd Streets & Fifth and Sixth Avenues

    Lakeside in Prospect Park – Lincoln Road and Parkside/Ocean Avenue

    The Displays

      Bloomingdales image via

    Bloomingdales image via

    If but for nothing else, a trip into Manhattan is worth it just to see the store displays. Fifth avenue is illuminated this time of year with holiday displays in all of your favorite stores. Many people know about the huge window display at Macy’s Herald Square, but there are so many other stores that have huge displays worth visiting.

    Bloomingdales – 59th Street and Lexington Avenue

    Macy’s – 34th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue

    Saks Fifth Avenue – 5th Avenue and 49th Street

    Tiffany & Co. – 5th Avenue and 57th Street


    6 Playdate Ideas for Little Boys in NYC | #BoyMom

    Listen, if you’re a mom with a little boy… then you obviously feel my struggle and that’s how you landed here. Little girls have it all… tea parties and kiddie salons and mini spas… they get the works! Little boys are left to the wayside to fend for themselves and play in somebodies dirt somewhere and are just supposed to be happy with that. Dramatic perhaps, but hey! I’m known for drama and I’m tired of feeling like my babies aren’t as important because they can’t get their nails painted or have princess parties or whatever. We need places to play too! So I’ve done my research and I’ve dug up some of the best places I could find in and around the city to bring your little sonshines for a playdate.

    Indoor Trampoline Park

    There aren’t any in the boroughs (yet, one is opening soon in Howard Beach, Queens) but there are a few indoor trampoline parks in Long Island and New Rochelle that are perfect for playdates. If your little one has close to the energy that mine does, then a day of jumping is perfect to get all that extra energy out and have fun with friends.

    Children’s Museum

    I’m almost positive that there is a children’s museum in every borough but we love the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. With free days on Thursdays and 2 floors there are tons of exhibits for little ones. My kids love playing in the toddler area, complete with water table.


    I know Chuck E is the typical arcade place when you think of children’s arcades but there are so many more! We particularly love Laser Bounce at Atlas Park mall. The great thing about Laser Bounce is that it’s fun for ALL ages. They have arcade games (perfectly sized for small children), indoor inflatables, a ball arena, laser tag, virtual reality and more!

    Lego Store

    Everything really is awesome at LEGO! I don’t think I know a little boy out there that doesn’t love blocks and what’s awesome about the LEGO store is that monthly they hold Mini Model Builds. Every month there’s a different model that you build in store, and get to take home for free! Registration opens on the 15th of every month and space is limited so you have to be sure to sign up early, but if you can get in this is a great activity.

    Chelsea Piers/Aviator Sports and Events Center

    These two sports complexes have everything from rock climbing, to bowling, to tennis, gymnastics and basketball. If you have athletic little ones then they will definitely love these gyms. Chelsea Piers also has an ice skating rink which is fun if you want to skate indoors and avoid a little bit of the cold the city has in the fall/winter.

    Candy Shops

    I know what you’re thinking, but the candy shops in NYC are definitely an experience unlike any other. The M&Ms and Hershey store are huge and located in Times Squares surrounded by tons of other attractions. Another fun place is Dylan’s Candy Bar. Their flagship location has 3 floors and includes a Candy Cafè which serves food and drinks.

    And of course if you just plan want to have a chill, low-key day then there are always options like the playground and the movies but I’m almost positive you’re ready to switch it up! So sure we don’t have the American Girl Doll Store, but there are tons of places to visit throughout the city where little boys can be themselves.

    What’s your favorite place to take your children? Do you stick to the basics or do you try to find new things to do?

    Looking for more ideas of things to do in the city? Check out this post ——> 10 Amazing Things to Do in NYC.


    10 Amazing Things to Do In NYC This Fall |Explore NYC

    Fall is finally here and I am finally in my happy place! While I’m not a full-fledged pumpkin spice girl, fall is hands down my favorite season. I love the fall colors, the smell, sweater weather, all things pumpkin and apple, & most importantly the lead up to the holidays. Being an NYC girl I’ve enjoyed fall in the city my entire life and I’m excited the boys are a little bit older and can enjoy the fall activities that I love with me! Check out some of my favorite things to do during fall (with and without kids) in NYC below.

    Queens County Farm

    This place is the epitome of fall family activities! From the pumpkin patch, to a corn maze, petting zoo and farmers market they have an array of fall activities for families to enjoy every year. We went for the first time last year and RJ loved the pony rides and playing with the other kids in their play area.

    The HighLine

    The highline is an elevated trail in Manhattan with amazing views. If you’re into greenery, photography, & street art this is a great place to go and see fall foliage. Even better, its free to access so on a day that isn’t too chilly you can go and get some great shots of the city.

    New York Comic Con

    Geek culture is taking over and NYC is home to the largest pop culture event on the east coast! If you love all things anime, cosplay and just all around geeky, this is the place for you! The city is already alive with characters and comic con just makes the experience even more exciting.

    NYC Village Halloween Parade

    Probably one of the most colorful and creative parade, people come from all over to participate in this parade on halloween night. This event usually starts in the evening and lasts a few hours so it’s mainly adults but is one of the most attended parades in the city. The 2018 theme for the parade is I am a Robot. 

    The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

    Though this is technically not IN NYC, this event is beautiful and close enough for a day trip. With more than 7000 pumpkins carved by volunteers, it is easy to marvel in the wonder of all the illuminations.

    Apple Picking

    When I was younger apple picking was one of my favorite things to do with my family. I loved having the family time and I loved all the fall apple recipes that came after. Apple pie is STILL my favorite holiday dessert and I could eat it the entire seasons of fall/winter without ever getting tired of it. So many variations!

    NYC Wine and Food Festival

    I feel like this doesn’t need much explaining because food… wine…. what else is there to even say? But theres a ton of events spread over the entire weekend including parties, tastings and classes. Its foodie paradise!

    Blood Manor

    Definitely not for the faint at heart. Blood Manor boasts being NYC’s scariest halloween attraction. If you can handle haunted houses Blood Manor is definitely worth a visit. This one is obviously not for kids, but the city is full of not-so-scary halloween attractions worth checking out for little ones as well.

    Ice Skating

    Bryant Park, Central Park and Rockefeller Center are all home to NYCs most beautiful ice skating rinks. Most of these rinks open to the public in late October and fall is the PERFECT time to go in my opinion. Before it gets TOO cold to enjoy and way way crowded with NYCs holiday tourists.

    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 

    I know I said the Halloween parade was amazing but if you know NYC you know this is THE parade of the year. We catch it on tv because we haven’t been bold enough to brave the crowds and by November it’s a little cold here but if you have older kids I’m sure they’d LOVE to be up close to the action. I’ve never been in person either but when the boys get a little older and a little less whiney we’ll be making our way there! 

     Image via Macy’s Parade Press

    Image via Macy’s Parade Press

    We’re also looking forward to checking out some things later in the fall once it gets close to the holidays such as the New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show, Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting.

    What’s fall like in your city? What’s your favorite thing to do? Lets chat in the comments! xoxo