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    I’m Sick of ‘Parent Twitter’

    And I know I’ll probably be banished to some lonely corner of the Twitterverse where I’ll be slowly rocking back and forth and holding myself alone but, I could care less at this point. I meant it last night when it first came to mind and I mean it now as I’m typing this post. I hate parent Twitter. Not to be confused with just parents on twitter. I’m talking about the very specific group of tweeters, you know who they are. 

    And there are are so many different corners of the Twitterwebs so I’m sure I’ll find another group to partake in (#BlackTwitter never fails me), but I felt like the mom life corner was supposed to be my thing. Nah, it ain’t. If you search any type of parenting hashtag on twitter you’ll be sure to find all of these witty tweets. Parents tweeting about their numbered children and the snarky or clever thing they’ve said that millisecond, all in the name of RTs and favorites. Can we be honest? You nor your kid are that funny ALL day. Someone else definitely has copied a meme I’ve seen on Facebook and used it as their own tweet, only to get 749201 comments about how funny or clever they are like plagiarism isn’t taught in elementary school anymore. WHY ARE YALL LIKE THIS?!

    Last night while I showered and washed my hair my 1 year old stood outside the door screeching at the top of his lungs the entirety of said shower and my emotions teetered between guilt and annoyance, I thought about reaching out to the parent posse to see who could relate. Instead I changed my mind because, it wasn’t funny, or sarcastic or witty and I felt pretty confident that though I knew someone would be able to relate… my tweet would just sink into the abyss of things forgotten. No one interacts for realness!! Where are the parents that are living REAL life and want to interact?! Those are the people I’m looking for. 

    Meanwhile you can miss me with the clever anecdotes about 4 pretending to sip your peppermint mocha this morning. I haven’t even had the chance to brush my teeth yet. But y’all are gonna get ALL this venting. 


    Why It’s Important to Me to Create Holiday Traditions with My Kids

     2017.. see…. irritated LOL

    2017.. see…. irritated LOL

    My kids are young, they could care less about the holidays right now. RJ JUST turned 4 so I’m excited that he’s starting to have a better understanding of the holidays and why they’re special, but prior to this year he could care less. Even still, I have tried to make it a point to create our own traditions once the fall season starts. We have been to the pumpkin patch every year, we visit Santa every year and we take family holiday photos. These are all things he doesn’t care about now but I hope with time they’ll both appreciate the countless fall/winter activities I drag them to every year.

    Children take in and remember so much. Some of my favorite fall memories come from apple picking with my family. I love that we still come together to celebrate Christmas though our family dynamics have changed, and I love that we get to wear holiday pjs ALL day on Christmas Eve. I feel like we have such very few things bringing joy to everyone nowadays and I want my children to be able to look back and think “I loved doing this with you guys, even though we did it EVERY year.” It’s important to me for them to have that. I’m glad they’ll be able to look back and see/feel the love.

    Do you have any special traditions with your kids during the holidays? What’s your favorite tradition from childhood?


    6 Playdate Ideas for Little Boys in NYC | #BoyMom

    Listen, if you’re a mom with a little boy… then you obviously feel my struggle and that’s how you landed here. Little girls have it all… tea parties and kiddie salons and mini spas… they get the works! Little boys are left to the wayside to fend for themselves and play in somebodies dirt somewhere and are just supposed to be happy with that. Dramatic perhaps, but hey! I’m known for drama and I’m tired of feeling like my babies aren’t as important because they can’t get their nails painted or have princess parties or whatever. We need places to play too! So I’ve done my research and I’ve dug up some of the best places I could find in and around the city to bring your little sonshines for a playdate.

    Indoor Trampoline Park

    There aren’t any in the boroughs (yet, one is opening soon in Howard Beach, Queens) but there are a few indoor trampoline parks in Long Island and New Rochelle that are perfect for playdates. If your little one has close to the energy that mine does, then a day of jumping is perfect to get all that extra energy out and have fun with friends.

    Children’s Museum

    I’m almost positive that there is a children’s museum in every borough but we love the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. With free days on Thursdays and 2 floors there are tons of exhibits for little ones. My kids love playing in the toddler area, complete with water table.


    I know Chuck E is the typical arcade place when you think of children’s arcades but there are so many more! We particularly love Laser Bounce at Atlas Park mall. The great thing about Laser Bounce is that it’s fun for ALL ages. They have arcade games (perfectly sized for small children), indoor inflatables, a ball arena, laser tag, virtual reality and more!

    Lego Store

    Everything really is awesome at LEGO! I don’t think I know a little boy out there that doesn’t love blocks and what’s awesome about the LEGO store is that monthly they hold Mini Model Builds. Every month there’s a different model that you build in store, and get to take home for free! Registration opens on the 15th of every month and space is limited so you have to be sure to sign up early, but if you can get in this is a great activity.

    Chelsea Piers/Aviator Sports and Events Center

    These two sports complexes have everything from rock climbing, to bowling, to tennis, gymnastics and basketball. If you have athletic little ones then they will definitely love these gyms. Chelsea Piers also has an ice skating rink which is fun if you want to skate indoors and avoid a little bit of the cold the city has in the fall/winter.

    Candy Shops

    I know what you’re thinking, but the candy shops in NYC are definitely an experience unlike any other. The M&Ms and Hershey store are huge and located in Times Squares surrounded by tons of other attractions. Another fun place is Dylan’s Candy Bar. Their flagship location has 3 floors and includes a Candy Cafè which serves food and drinks.

    And of course if you just plan want to have a chill, low-key day then there are always options like the playground and the movies but I’m almost positive you’re ready to switch it up! So sure we don’t have the American Girl Doll Store, but there are tons of places to visit throughout the city where little boys can be themselves.

    What’s your favorite place to take your children? Do you stick to the basics or do you try to find new things to do?

    Looking for more ideas of things to do in the city? Check out this post ——> 10 Amazing Things to Do in NYC.


    My Second Child Made Me Forget Everything I THOUGHT I Knew About Parenting |#MomTruths

    I feel like I’ve always been a pretty confident parent. If there is one thing that parenting has taught me it’s always been to follow my instincts and to trust my gut. I’m definitely not a perfect mom but I know that I try my hardest every single day and as long as my kids go to bed happy then I’ve succeeded. 

    That being said, being a mom to two toddlers… two boys… two wild little beings…. is HARD AF! When Zayn was first born, I felt like I had it pretty under control. Then he started moving…. and LORD did he start moving. 

    I’m convinced Zayn has “been here before”. There are some days I wonder if he was ever even a baby. He is nothing like his brother was at one year old. He’s a runner, a climber (I’ve left the room several times to come back and find him standing on the table), he can throw a tantrum that rivals the big toddlers and he knows what he wants. RJ has always been a busy body but NOTHING like Zayn. I long for silence and dread it at the same time because that usually means hes playing in the toilet. He is definitely giving me a run for my money. 

    All that being said I love being their mommy. I love watching them grow into their own little people and seeing how their personalities differ and how they love the same things. Motherhood is truly a journey and just when you think you have it figured out they switch up on you. I thought I had parenting pretty figured out but Zayn came to show and prove that every little person is different and they all need love in different ways. 

    How are your kids different? Was parenting your second child anything like your first? Lets talk in the comments! xoxo