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    The Year Ahead: List of Disney Movies Coming in 2019

    2018 was such an amazing year at the movies! We had Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet and Mary Poppins, not to mention Black Panther, Infinity War and Ant Man. So much of my time last year was spent at the movies, and I got the opportunity to take my children to the movies a lot too which actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. That said, 2018 was great but 2019 is going to be LIT! Disney has an awesome lineup of movies set to start being released in just a few short months and I already know we are going to be spending EVEN MORE time at the movies this year. Check out everything coming to you in 2019 from Disney/Marvel Studios below. Read more


    Tell Bae Valentines Day is on Hold This Year, Black Panther Releases Everywhere February 16th 2018!

    I know the year just started and it seems crazy to be talking about Valentines Day when 2018 has barely gotten it’s feet wet but I promise you 1. bae will appreciate it and 2. you need to plan EARLY this year. 

    Marvel knew what it was doing when it decided to release Black Panther on February 16th. First of all, that’s my birthday weekend Marvel so….. thanks for that. And then they went and released a movie on one of the biggest commercial holiday weekends. Valentines day for you and your boo is about to be LIT. If you live under a rock and haven’t seen the trailer for Black Panther yet then here it is:

    Seriously there couldn’t have been a better weekend for this movie to be released and I can’t wait to see Chadwick Boseman in all his T’Challa yumminess. ::fans self::. Seriously, Happy Birthday/Valentines Day to me!

    Check out some sneak peeks below (in picture form 😉 thank me later ladies!)

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    BLACK PANTHER arrives in theatres everywhere on February 16, 2018!