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    Handling the Slow Change in Seasons

    Spring …. where you at? We got a quick peek over the weekend and then the frigidness of JANUARY was right back Sunday. I feel like the weather is a pretty accurate representation of my life right now though. I’m impatiently waiting for it to get warmer.. to feel more comfortable. And while I spend most of my days trying to crawl back under the covers and hide from the dreariness, the sun always peeks through for a few, just enough to remind me that it’s still always there. 

    The season is slowly but surely changing in my household. The boys are growing so much and it’s almost mind blowing sometimes to watch the change. They’re at the perfect age right now, they love each other just enough and the fighting is minimal. I have one entering toddlerhood and one exiting and that’s pretty freakin’ scary. The voice in the back of my head is constantly nagging me about whether I’m doing this motherhood thing right. I figure as long as we make it to the next day we’re pretty much scoring. LOL. 

    And while we have some daily setbacks, our spring is right around the corner. It’s only a matter of time before the sun is constantly shining. I can’t wait. 

    How are you handling the slow change of season? Are you waiting for the sun to come out? XoXo


    I’m Choosing Light

    Happy Monday beauties!

    Last week was a tough one for everyone.I just wanted to pop in really quick and check on everyone and let you guys know I’m doing well! I think this is the most silent the blogging community has been in a while but at the same time you can hear everyone’s voice loud and clear if that makes any sense at all. With all the craziness going on its easy to get swept up in the whirlwind that is the mainstream/social media and I think the little break I took over the weekend put a lot of things into perspective for me.

    For me it all comes down to this. We all have a voice. We all may express ourselves differently, but I think everyone wants the same thing. I’m going into the week focusing on spreading as much positive love as possible because I believe in the darkest of times, everyone could use some light. 

    How are you feeling this week? What are you looking forward to?


    My Son Was Born Black… And I’m Heartbroken

    When I was pregnant I worried about a million different things. I worried about my baby’s health, if I was going to figure out motherhood, if we’d be happy, if I was capable of raising a well adjusted child when I didn’t feel like I had my own ish together. I worried and worried. And he was born. And I began to worry a little bit less.

     Minutes old. I love this picture. He's still a screamer. Lol

    Minutes old. I love this picture. He’s still a screamer. Lol

    But when you’re a mother the worry never truly goes away. He eats, you worry if he’s eating enough. He coughs, you worry about the flu and other illness. He falls, your heart stops every single time. 

     I can't find the date (of course) but I'm guessing this is from when he was around 6 months old  

    I can’t find the date (of course) but I’m guessing this is from when he was around 6 months old  

    All of these worries PALE in comparison to my new found worry. The guilt that I feel today especially for giving birth to my son knowing…. he would be black. My sweet innocent baby is going to have to come face to face with the injustice of our government and on the path we’re on its probably going to be sooner rather than later. 

    I asked his father today, while #AltonSterling is fresh on everyone’s mind. “What are we going to do? How are we going to tell our innocent baby about the evils of this world?” He attempted to respond …

    “We’ll just tell him the truth. When you go out govern yourself accordingly…..” 

    *I cut him off* 

    “He doesn’t have to be doing anything wrong… He could just be walking outside”… #TrayvonMartin…. “He could be playing in the park!” #TamirRice

    His solution (not a real one LOL)… RJ is never going anywhere lol. When he goes to school he’s going to sleep outside in the car and he’s just never going to go anywhere alone. 


    In all seriousness though I can’t help but feel a combination of guilt and heartbreak. What do I tell my son the job of the police is? I used to hear “they protect you from the bad guys”, but is a man standing outside of a corner store selling loose cigarettes really a BAD GUY? #EricGarner. Does forgetting to signal and then being frustrated about being disrespected and mistreated when you’re pulled over make you “bad”? #SandraBland

    He’ll be dehumanized. They’ll talk about the pack of M&Ms he stole in the fifth grade and the fight he got into with one of his classmates, whether or not they know the full story. It’ll be his fault. The color of his skin automatically makes him a threat. Unapproachable and undeserving of the liberties we fought so hard to supposedly obtain. Thug. Criminal. Aggressive. He’ll be labeled. The saddest part? He doesn’t even have to be an adult anymore. He can be a CHILD. And his life won’t matter. 


    This is the world I brought my angel into. My little boy who loves to dance, and play. Laugh and run and watch cartoons. Drink juice (nonstop!) and eat pizza. This will one day be his reality. And it breaks my heart. I can’t cry, hope and pray enough. Lord, protect my baby.





    SIX Reasons You Actually May NOT Be About #thatbloglife

    Sooooo you wanna be a blogger? I can understand why. All the cool kids have a blog. Everyone’s getting something from someone, some way or another for free.. And who doesn’t like free ish?!  

    Or you’re already a blogger. But you’re questioning if you want to keep blogging. Is it worth it? Does anyone care? Heck, do I even care? Why isn’t MY blog as great as XYZs? What’s she doing that’s soooo great? WHO’S NOT LETTING ME BE GREAT?!?! 

     Lucky for y’all I have the answers. Cause I know all the things. I’m good like that. 

    I’m about to lay it all out for you and tell you why you actually may not be about #thatbloglife. 

    1. You don’t wear makeup EVERYDAY … ALLDAY (and/or your kids keep pajamas on most of the day) and your selfie game is weak.  Because no one wants to know what you do in your real, regular, everyday life. Social media perfection is in, get with it!

    2You don’t have 100k million jillion followers on social media. Aka you have no voice. No ones listening. Give up.

    3. You don’t write for any major publications. If none of your blog posts have made it to Huffpost yet, you’re doing blogging all wrong. The only way anyone who’s anyone will come across your blog is through them. Duh!

    4. You write in your own voice. And who told you that was ok? I happen to enjoy my day browsing blogs that all sound the same, look the same, and talk about the same exact things. You don’t need to be original. Don’t try that. It’s kinda braggy/a**holish. 

    5. You’re not a SAHM/Blogging isn’t your full time job. Because if you can’t  dedicate your whole life to these here internets then, what is your life anyway?! 

    6. You took this post seriously. I pray to baby Jesus y’all took this post lightly and no one is ready to kill me by now (or that y’all didn’t stop reading out of rage and made it this far) lmao. I feel like we all have doubts when it comes to blogging but forreal, shake it off, suck it up and do it anyway. Nothing but passion, drive and consistency will lead to your success. Get it done girl! You got this!


    5 Youtube Families That Take the Ratchet Out of “Reality TV”

    Ratchet TV used to be a guilty pleasure of mine but now, passed Love and Hip Hop I just can’t get with the constant drama. Reality TV seems to bring out the worst of the worst in people and it gets exhausting seeing minorities (and even non-minorities) showing their typical a** (thats what my grandma would say) on national TV! C’mon son! We gotta do better! 

    I freakin’ LOVE YouTube! You can literally find anything on that jawn and I LOVE watching family vloggers! It’s nice to take a break from ratchet reality and see people living out their real lives, minus the drama, & just spreading the love! 

    Gabe and Chad of GabeBabeTV

    Probably one of the most positive couples on the Tube, Gabrielle and Chad (along with Chad Jr. and O-face) are two of the most inspiring people to watch. Love, life and laughter radiate throughout their daily vlogs and they make it a point to share the positive with their “peeps”. If ever you’re having a bad day this is the family to watch to cheer you up!

    Jamie and Nikki of JamieandNiks 

    If you’ve never wanted to visit Australia before, Jamie and Nikki will change that for you! Jamie’s video editing and time lapses alone makes the vlogs interesting but now they’re sharing their journey as new parents to their baby girl Ava. This couple is just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and that probably contributed to their fast subscriber growth over the passed year or so. Oh, and can’t forget to mention the Prince of the vlogs, hey Loius! 

    Tiffany and TJ of the Daily Davidsons

    From the pink room to baby number 3 (& house number two!) these two have their Darlyns and Day1s screaming #GOALS in the comment section of EVERY vlog! don’t know about anyone else but I have a hard time finding positive, young, black couples and I think it makes them unique in a sense (a lot of the bigger YouTube vloggers are either interracial or Caucasian). Plus from the TJisms to their three adorable boys, their channel is ADDICTING. If you can’t resist cure kids don’t do it, but do it! 😉

    Patricia and Mike of BritpopLifeVlogs (The Bright Side)

    If you get addicted to vlogs like I do, then you’ll be sitting with your phone in hand waiting on an update from Patricia and Mike. All the previous vloggers mentioned have a consistent/daily vlog schedule and that’s something they don’t have. But when they do upload it’s always worth the wait! Plus, new baby Grace is such a sweetheart! I’ve loved watching their family grow and Patricia’s blunt honesty about every step of her journey into motherhood. They are always up front with their viewers about what they are and are not comfortable with sharing and I think since becoming parent’s they’ve become a lot more open with their viewers. 

    Latoya and Adam of Latoya’s Life

    So if you ever watched one of Latoya’s vlogs in passing and then you read this title then you probably did a double take like… huh? LOL. Latoya’s life definitely brings the drama but it’s been pretty calm over on her channel since “Pumps” has been born and even before then you couldn’t help but notice the love from her family radiating all over her channel! Family love always wins! 

    Who are some of your favorite YouTube families? Do you watch any of the ones mentioned above?