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    7 INCREDIBLE Gifs In Case You Forgot Why The Incredibles Is An Amazing Movie!

    Let’s face it, the Incredibles was released a LONG time ago. Any true Pixar fan could quote the movie start to finish and can rattle off their favorite parts without even stopping to think because the movie is JUST THAT INCREDIBLE. Of course, attending the university of shady makes madam Edna Mode one of my favorite characters, but Jack Jack does come in at a close second, I’m a sucker for a cute baby. I’m super excited for June 15th and the long overdue release of part 2 in theaters. 

    The movie is a CLASSIC but some may need a little reminder of some of the movies best moments. Plus, who doesn’t love a good gif nowadays??

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    This is probably one of everyones favorite moments

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    The queen of shade – Edna Mode

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    When you realize the whole family is Incredible…

    Because… logic…. 

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    What are some of your favorite moments from Incredibles? Will you be going to see part 2? Tweet me your favorite gif, if it wasn’t included. xoxo

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    INCREDIBLES 2 opens in theatres everywhere on June 15, 2018